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Jennifer and John Jarvis
21 Greens Road Road
Kaipoi, Christchurch

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(NZ) 327 4442


When I was 18 years old my husband to be bought me a Boxer for my Birthday, as I had told him (he reckons virtually every day) that I wanted one of these breeds. I had a white boxer as a neighbourhood dog when I was very little, and I did not know what breed it was but I loved him to bits. The rest of the kids in the area were scared of him, he had the pink eyes from the boxer white gene.

The white Boxer became a very big part of my life at the time, almost daily he would knock me down and give me a bath his tongue was so long and like a towel. He looked and acted like a big marshmellow.

When we moved into my life came another boxer only he was RED and I realised this was the breed I wanted.

Now 42 years later I still have this breed THE BOXER. The Website shows and displays the pleasure our Boxers have given us and the impact they have been on the Boxer Breed in New Zealand and Australia, and now we wish to share them with you and THE WORLD.

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NZ Ch Zanduke Ticket T Boo

Sire:  Zanduke The Real McCoy
Dam:  Zanduke On The Catwalk AD CDX

Date whelped:   2000

BIS All Breeds
RUBIS All Breeds
Several other top awards

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