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The Subject Matter

I applied mine heart to know, and to search, and to seek out
Ecc. 7:25

By Tom Lamb SD
Where Are We Coming From
Is There Any Other Way?
Narrow is the Way
A Pilgrim's Story

Going Beyond Camp
Without the Camp
Know Ye Not
Freedom From "The Tithe"
The Fishermen
Why We Quit
The Evangelical Subculture
Worship Unregimented

The Perfect Book
Seek Ye Out of the Book
The Best or the Perfect
Hath God Said (or the Three D's)
Straw Men and the Word of God
What is a Ruckmanite?
Can We Worship the Bible?
Smear Tactics and Strawmen
Exposing Biblical Correctionists
*Am I a Bible Believer or Bible Corrector?
Theology or Revelation?
The Holy Bible Links Page

Discerning the Two Wines
Mystery of the Two Wines
The Great Wine Debate
The Fallacy (of the Communion Service)

*Obedience, Freewill and the Sovereignty of God
Servant or Slave?
On hold being processed

The Conspiracy Against the Name of Jesus
The Name
The Sacred Names or the Holy Name?

God Nurtured - The Gospel Effeminized
The Parent (god) - Mother/Child Cult Exposť
The Jezebel Spirit
Repent or Perish - The Gospel Remains the Same
A Few Good Men
The True Legacy of Keith Green

Baal Worship in Disguise
The Three Blows
The Day
Two Trees

Giants, Angels, and the Sons of God
Ghosts and Spirits

War and Politics - Abolished at the Cross
The Gatecrashers
*The Reformers
*Beyond Reformers Bible
Sunday -vs.- The Lord's Day
The Edge
*An Exposť On Christendom
The Cross
*Which Kingdom
*Stemming the Flow or Reconciling God's Way

"The Trinity" Series
Introduction to the Three Divine Persons
The Threefold Witness of Jesus
The Eternal Word and the Begotten Son
Jesus - God and Man
The Traditional Trinity - vs - The Biblical Godhead
The LORD and the Lord
"Behold the Man" - The Fulness of God
The Satanic Trinity In Progress


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