1979 - Updated 13.3.12


he "turned to flight the armies of the aliens"


A timid young man use to work down a hole
Hiding from his enemies who were after his soul
His name was Gideon, outcast and young
The lease with his family
Was this poor man's son,

Left to his own device
With lack of confidence becoming a way of life
And no one to turn to for advise
Except the Lord who was on talking terms
Who was in this situation to help Gideon learn ...
The Lord was choosing the base and the weak
Being nothing in themselves, with only better to seek,

So in a day during the months and weeks
While Gideon was occupied threshing the wheat
The Lord called Gideon to be a man of the hour
As Gideon knew he couldn't do it in his own power,

Who had no one to go to and no one to confide
And nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide
As trembling Gideon 'twas caught in a tight squeeze
Yet obeyed the Lord and proved he was ready to please
Even though his doubts took some time to ease,

Yes, an ordinary fellow this Gideon
Though the Lord made something out of him
By delivering Israel from out of it's plight
And urging his people to repent and fight
He became a warrior in God's sight,

So maybe there's a lesson for you my friend
As God uses the feeble as His servants to send
The lowly, the base, of any background or creed
Who are willing to follow ...  wherever God may lead.


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