1999 - Updated 21/4/12

Can We Worship the Bible?

"they were glad, and glorified the word of the Lord"

Can we make an idol of our Bible?

Yeah, this is the big question here ... can we make an idol of our Bible and worship it, in other words?  Meaning, was David going too far (pulling a verse or two outta the Psalms) when he declared ... "O how I love thy law! it is my meditation all the day?"

Note here: David was meditating on God's word here. It does not say he was meditating and chewing over in his heart, how good God was in person.

Also, is not asking the previous question the same as asking ... can we make an idol of our Lord Jesus, when we worship Him?  Sounding silly!?  Meaning, is not the King one and the same with His decree anyway?  Like ... try telling the King you dare not take His decree too seriously, I say!

While mentioning kings here:  Yes, you can worship King James all right!  Notta problem here (although it could be yours!) in the sense of this scenario getting outta hand.   Just like you can worship Martin Luther King, Martin Luther, Johnny Calvin, Doc Peter (de Ruck man), Doc Martin, King Kong, and so forth!  Or howabout your beloved President, Pastor, Pastoress, or latest Lamborghini!  Yes, the list is literally endless!  All or one ... just take your pick!  Coz this, no doubt, would amount to idolatry at the end of the day.  Wouldn't it?

Now getting back to the issue ... can we really worship God's written word?

Oh, and what else did King David say to the Lord in regards to His word?  Did he not say this to the Lord ... "I love thy testimonies"?  Or howabout this ... "Consider how I love thy precepts"!  Or, in regards to us (those that are serious about the written word) ... "Great peace have they which love thy law"!  Here's more to add ... "I love thy commandments above gold"! Isn't this amounting to loving God's word above mammon and soft living?  Meaning, itz trew ... David was very passionate about the written word of God!  Moreover, I can't see no reason why God's children cannot be as equally passionate today, instead of getting bogged down by religious semantics and intellectual hotchpotch!

This could be why people don't like us true Bible believers loving the scriptures and embracing them to heart, at the end of the day.  This they prefer to misconstrue as 'idolizing the scriptures', in oder for them not to be really accountable to them, if you really want the truth.  After all, it may show them up or something.  Like showing them how worthless or hypocritical their religion really is.  Irrespective of how well learned and bright they are.  Or how brilliant their "Christian" guru just happens to be or not be.  It may also expose their motive of building strawmen.  Thatz the false arguments they have invented to pull down what is written!  Or what they have craftily orchestrated and cleverly erected, in relation to countering God's sure word.  In a line ... making God's word appear like something that it isn't, so it can be easily disproved or played down.  Get the drift?

Here iz David again (PSA 119: 98-100), in regards to the regions where loving the Lord's word brings us into, as opposed to the areas mans brilliance keeps him:

"Thou through thy commandments hast made me wiser than mine enemies (wiser than the Bible thieves, the Bible correctors and the textual critics, who would luvingly disarm us in the name of "caring shepherds"): for they are ever with me (whether always 'in the face' or lurking in the shadows).  I have more understanding than all my teachers (those that are better trained and more academically qualified): for thy testimonies are my meditation (not as mere segments of entertainment or buzz quotations for the day).  I understand more than the ancients (than the church fathers, the reformers, and the prophets of old?), because I keep thy precepts (instead of analyzing or questioning them - TI1 6:4 & TI2 2:23, or bringing them into disrepute)."

Letz get this straight:  No, I am not a fanatic!  I do not sleep with my "King James".  Nor will I be buried with my own personal "King Jimmy" when I leave this world.  Sentimental attachment?  Nope!  Emotional value?  Nah!  Or hints of nostalgia?  Never!  I might unpromptly use it as a doorstop or a glue weight when there is nothing else around that's handy, without giving it much thought.  Furthermore, I would not be scared to dump or incinerate one when it got too old, tatty and virtually unreadable.  If people go over board here (as some people always tend to do in any area of "faith" - that's religion for you, not God) then it is not my problem but theirs.  It is also not God's problem.  You've gotta realise that it's not the material fabric (the pages made of paper, nor the book's cover itself) we follow, but the words which are spirit and therefore life (whether scribed, penned or punched on a keyboard); as the good Book always testifies to itself.  So please read on:

Trusting in the book or in ideas

One of the most common accusations or misconceptions against the Authorized Bible people, is that they have become so caught up in "one book only" (if God has ordained and inspired other books and writings as final) and are therefore worshiping a book and not the God of the Book.  Couldn't this argument also be used against worshiping the Son instead of the Father who begot Him?  The great assumption is that these 'Bible Only' people have become idolaters, because they actually worship the Authorized instead of God.  A verse they love to major on here is JOH 5:39:

"Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me."

In other words (according to these skeptics), "you're too caught up in the Book but not the Person!"

Now doesn't that sound really koool man!!!  Faaar out!!!  Actually these blind individuals tend to overlook the fact that the very reason we are caught up in the Book is the very same reason we are caught up by the person, Christ Jesus our Lord, who inspired and guided the Book in the first place, so He could say (as it is written):

 ... "they (that's the scriptures contained in the Book of books) are they which testify of me."

The 'bright sparks' of our day just mentioned before, don't get it!  Do they?  The religious people Jesus were referring to here, were searching the scriptures for life (or salvation) without Christ (see the next verse - JOH 5:40).  Of course, they could not find it.  This is no different than today, as "modern" man spends untold billions in searching the heavens for life.  However, foolish man can't see that the very, readily available book, called the Holy Bible, shows quite clearly that no life can be, unless God has breathed His life there in the first place.  Moreover, God breathes His life into the scriptures when we realize and embrace the fact, they are speaking about and revealing Him!  Found in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ and none other.  The very person of whom the book is all about!  Ditto:

 ... "they (that's the scriptures contained in the Holy Book) are they which testify of me."

Therefore, JOH 5:39 is not an indictment against the values and paramount importance of the word at all.  It is actually a verification for it!  The fact that they (that's the scriptures contained in the Holy Book) reveal and make real Jesus!  No other book or human source can.  This is also confirmed in God's prophetic written timetable (HEB10:7) as PSA 40:7:

 ... "in the volume of the book it is written of me."

Meaning, if you want to know Jesus, then you need to know the Book.  There's simply no other way around this, on this crazy planet anyway!  Want a relationship with God, then be confident, without wavering, in the Book (His book) you are reading, as the very God breathed and autographed words themselves.  There's no alternative folks!  Coz a verse these Bible subversionaries will never quote (especially while matching it with JOH 5:39) is the verse prior (JO1 5:13):

"These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God."

Therefore, if I say I cherish this verse, as I do (hope you do also) ... does this mean I idolize it?  Or does it mean I cherish it coz it is the word of God, that also happens to guarantee me complete and utter, eternal salvation in Christ?

Also, the people who Jesus were speaking to here had the same problem as Catholics, Judaizers, and all religionists have today:  They were placing the word of God on a par with their tradition or culture (if they weren't outrightly, ruling it out in the first place).  This of course is a big 'no no' with Jesus.  It cancels out the word (Matt. 15: 3 & 6), as the word of God stands alone.

Moreover, the Protestants who proudly blab the Latin instead of the English here, are even more deceptive and hypocritical.  Ever heard of Sola Scriptura?  Thatz "by scripture alone"!  For those bamboozled by the riddles and puzzles of the religious establishment.

Understanding also, the Protestants actually go against what they usually teach ... "by scripture alone".  This is because they say they are all for the scriptures on one hand, before they tell you on the other hand, the scriptures are unreliable or need scrutinizing by the experts.  Here they cleverly proceed to undermine the scriptures by their insistence that the original meanings have been lost over time, and therefore need rectifying, by those qualified enough to do so.

Dum de dum dum!!  Rings of "Hath God said?" are certainly echoing here!  Paul calls this "the hidden things of dishonesty".  Moreover, "walking in craftiness" is another way he puts it.  Plus, "handling the word of God deceitfully" (CO2 4:2) is another antic they practice according to Paul.  In regards to his brethren in Christ, Paul also said, "For we are not as many (those handling the word of God deceitfully), which corrupt the word of God (CO2 2:17)"!

What else is there to trust at present, this side of eternity, than the Holy Bible?  Therefore, me thinks Matthew 22:29 is very appropriate here:

"Yea do err, not knowing the scriptures."

In regards to worshiping the word, or elevating it to some place of importance it apparently doesn't deserve (as some would put it and as this is the topic of this article), let's allow the word to speak for itself. Here Acts 13:48 is declaring for a start:

 ... "when the Gentiles heard this, they were glad, and glorified the word of the Lord."

They glorified the word of the Lord, did they?  I thought they/we are only supposed to glorify Jesus?  However, scripture clearly reveals they are one and the same ... "they (the scriptures) which testify of me (Jesus)."  In "the volume of the book (the scriptures) it is written of me (Jesus)."

Again, TH2 3:1 says  ... "that the word of the Lord may have free course (without clerical interference), and be glorified."

Having free course!!??  We can't have that!  Can we?  It may mean after all, that the average Joe Blogg is accountable to the decisions he makes, by his own personal convictions through reading the word for himself and th way he response to God's word.

Furthermore, whattabout those who are qualified, trained and paid to do this for the individual?  Would they not know better?   About God's word having free course?  For availability, accessing, and reading the word for yourself?  Sounds like it is time to place control and restrictions in front of the word again.  Like copyright or ministerial redtape!  Or by placing it back into the hands of the clergy.  Or under the ownership of the Church.  Meaning, if the Lord's word can't be gloried (like scripture says it can be, while encouraging it), then guess who really gets the glory?  Certainly not the Lord at the end of the day!

Wise men follow stars (as signs) or do they?

But the excuses keep coming:

"The star only pointed to Jesus.  So if the wise men had worshiped the star instead of finding Jesus, they would've missed the mark. Therefore, let us use scripture to find Jesus and not worship scripture!"

Wow, sounds awesome this time!!  Sweeeet as!!  Choooice Maaan!!  However (to burst the skeptics bubble here), the scripture reveals that the first point made here is true, but not the second (1 + 1 must equal 2 to be true).  The star was not our daily bread!  Wazit?  Nor wazit our rock to build our faith on, for zat matter!  Nor is it the Christian's guide!  Merely and purely because it is written:

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."

Many follow stars today whether they be horoscopes,  movie "stars", sport "stars", or rock and pop "stars".  Now, to boot, we have big time Televangelists who make their audiences all starry eyed!  The very reason some of these people are waaayy over-paid, with phenomenal incomes and perks (who owns who?).  Some have even made their minister or pastor their Superstar.  Some, sadly, even try to hitch a ride behind a comet with tragic consequences.  All these things the Bible plainly warns against.  Also, man spends billions on technology while millions starve, thinking he can reach the stars and find life's answers.  All because he does not want the truth.  Merely coz man does not want to admit that God is true and therefore His word is true.  That would intern make man a liar.  It would also mean Jesus was right after all and blow the cover of religious mans snazzy alternatives.  As the scriptures declare:

"I am the way the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me."

If man believed this and was prepared to embrace this, then all would be saved on the condition of what scripture said.  This has got nothing to do with thanking your lucky stars or knowing your 'sign', by the way (Amos 5:26)!  Live by the "stars" and you will end up like them ... lost and aimless.  Ever heard of fallen stars (REV12:3-5)?  Or howabout wandering stars (JUD 1:13)?  Jesus said:

 ... "if ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples (followers) indeed".

Stars, whether they be great people or popular personalities, mystical powers or heavenly phenomenon's, are corruptible.  Fallen entities (the rebellious stars of heaven) are already corrupted.  Therefore, don't be influenced by them (TI14: 1, CO2 11:13, GAL 2:4, PE2 2: 1)!  Furthermore, remember God's children of old, who were warned against ... "the star of your god, which ye made (concocted) to yourselves (AMO 5:26)."

However, Bible believers have been born again by the incorruptible word of God.  How do we know this?  Simply because the good Book says so!  How important iz thiz?  As important as the Bible itself is!  Paramount would you believe?  Furthermore, notice how scripture gives so much pre-eminence to the scriptures:

Notice, the scriptures don't say here, "the Lord saith!"  No, they say, "the scripture saith"!  Scripture supporting scripture, that iz!  Supporting itself!  This is scripture actually making authoritative statements like this!  Right between the issues of life and death.  And salvation and being lost forever.  What's more ... it is scripture itself, actually talking to the reader.  As if scripture can talk.  Furthermore, it is the very thing true believers are being accused of worshiping.  That's if we teach what Romans is teaching here.  Or seemingly, by going along with Romans here.  Seeing it and acknowledging it, as merely the word of God.  Plain crazy man!!  Who wants to be a fool for Christ anyway!?  A few!  The genuine wise do!
Look what Galatians says, to prove a point (notice again, it does not say 'what Paul says' - both mean the same thing anyway):
Wow!!  Can scripture look into and know the future like this?
Amazingly, can scripture really think like this?  Can scripture really conclude and make judgements?  Can scripture really make predictions?  Sounds like final authority to me!  Moreover, doesn't the scripture have a ring to it?  Like a Person!  Like Divinity?  With breath!  With spirit!  With life (JOH 6:63)!  As well as full command and total affirmativeness!  How many more facts do we need?  Here iz more:
Thatz pure!  Without blemish, error, fault or corruption!  The scripture!  Whatz the word that Bible correctors and Bible thieves hate?  Would it be the word inerrant, in regards to the word?  Something that can be fully trusted!  Something you can put your life and salvation on!  Fully to the end! 
Yes, meaning true.  Without error or mistake.  Infallible.  Can't mean anything else!

The scripture that is!  Scripture!!  The reason we can say with utter most authority and full confidence (as Daniel):

"I will shew thee that which is noted (written) in the scripture of truth."

Is making factual scriptural statements like this idolatry?  To agree with scripture that it iz, without error (PRO 30:5)!  Iz this really worshiping scripture?

To the Bible corrector and textual critic it is!  Or even to the conditioned naive.  Or the misguided ignorantist.  But never to the Bible believer.  Besides, they (the skeptics and correctionists) would rather you look to them, or someone, as the final authority, and not the scripture.  There is a reason for this of course.  This would make them feel comfortable about their own idolatry they have committed by following man, mans philosophy, and the human intellect.  Yes, there is great comfort in numbers!  Or it would keep their 'Bible questioning' role in intact, as a valid career and occupation, by having people trust in their words instead of God's.  Would this not be worshiping their human expertise in the end?  Or their great human know-how?

Vital question here:  Who would you rather glorify at the end of the day?  Mans word or God's word?  Or what would you cherish more when all is said and done?  Mans word or God's word?

Look at all these verses below, presented as rock-solid evidence, to the scriptures authenticity and supremeness!  Watertight to the hilt!  Total!  Where the word testifies to itself and backs itself all the way!  As true, right, pure, sure, perfect, inspired and faithful, written record of God.  And all to do with the penned and inspired scripture.  Nothing more and nothing.  For it is written:

Ps. 19:8.  "The statutes of the LORD are right".

Ps. 19:8 ...  "the commandment of the LORD is pure".

Ps. 19:9 ...  "the judgments of the LORD are true".

Ps. 19:7.  "The law of the LORD is perfect".

Ps. 19:7 ...  "the testimony of the LORD is sure".

Ps. 119:142 ...  "thy law is the truth."

Ps. 119:151 ...  "all thy commandments are truth."

Ps. 119:160.  "Thy word is true from the beginning".

John 17:17 ...  "thy word is truth."

2 Tim. 3:16.  "All scripture is given by inspiration of God".

Rev. 21:5 ...  "Write: for these words are true and faithful.

Would God lie?  I know who does!  Yes, we meet with each other for mutual fellowship and encouragement.  However, we go to our Bible for the truth and not to a church or fraternity down the road.  Nor to a "spiritual" professional.  Nor to a religious mentor for enlightenment.  But to the word that is a lamp unto our feet, and a light unto our path.  Knowing for well that Jesus didn't say, "If you continue 'going to church', then ye shall know the truth".  Of course not!  He said,  "If ye continue in my word, then ye shall know the truth".

How can you continue in Jesus' word if you don't know how to find it or where it is?  Or if scripture was just somehow a rough (and clumsy) guideline for life.  Or a help-start/pointer.  Just to get you, or keep you going, in a better direction.  Oh, and with nice stories and poems thrown in.  To help titillate the emotions.  Or stimulate the intellect.  Or start the day off in a good "positive" tone.  Along side other colourful and warm quotations.  As opposed to being the very God breathed, scribed, kept and preserved words of God Himself.

God's divine imprint

In addition (if you want to read on, going into more detail) Psalm 119 is the largest and longest chapter in the Bible containing 176 verses.  Whatz the point in thiz?  This whole chapter is in reference to the importance and necessity of scripture.  Here, every verse except three, refer directly to the word of God.  Isn't that amazing?  Well, it can't be ignored!

Let's look at the first seven verses f'instance (remembering seven means completion) where these words are used over and over again, throughout the Psalm, proving the word to be true, faithful and fully trusted.  After all, how can you 'walk in', 'keep', 'respect', and 'learn' something, when you don't fully trust it?  Or teach that it is not completely reliable?  The following seven confirm, cap and seal God's word, as fully trustworthy and fully reliable.  For those who would dare to believe and embrace as divine manna from God Him very self.  Instead of being intimidated out of this trust, into the fear of this sort of devotion harming themselves spiritually:

1.  Blessed are the undefiled in the way, who walk in the law of the Lord.

2.  Blessed are they that keep his testimonies, and that seek him with the whole heart.

3.  They also do no iniquity: they walk in his ways.

4.  Thou hast commanded us to keep thy precepts diligently.

5.  O that my ways were directed to keep thy statutes!

6.  Then shall I not be ashamed when I have respect unto all thy commandments.

7.  I will praise thee with uprightness of heart, when I shall have learned thy righteous judgements.

All the above words emphasized are different variations for the word of God, with the purpose of making different statements in regards to the word.  As I write this (going back to 1998) I have just discovered (apart from using the term 'thy word' speaking for itself, plus the three verses mentioned along with another verse rendering 'ordinance' for the word) these seven words are used in every other verse throughout this entire Psalm.  There's got to be a reason for this!  Some of the new age bibles use different wording, thereby missing out on this divine in-built and full-proof pattern.

Now, let's take a closer look at the seven colours of this rainbow feature, sealed by God, regarding the word of God:

1.  "The law of the Lord" ... God's established rule and guidelines to live by ... the word of God!  Opposite to disorder, lawlessness or being a lord unto yourself.

2.  "His testimonies" ...The declaration of His wonders ... the word of God!  This is not what is established by the 'big bang' theory, or fate, or luck, or coincidence, or make-do.  There is no room for reincarnation or evolution theories here.  Revelation is the name of the game here!

3.  "His ways" (or way, singular) ... His purposes and direction that are sure and steadfast ... the word of God!  Opposite to the confusion of the so-called 'two schools of thought', 'higher opinion', 'textual criticism', 'expert scrutiny' and the "hath God said" club.

4.  "Thy precepts" ... His advise to practice ... the word of God!  As opposed to philosophy and the pursuit or study of human wisdom.  Or building concepts on theories and speculative thinking.  Man either generalizing or analysising, because he has eradicated any absolutes to go by.  Therefore, because of God's precepts, we have absolutes to be responsible to. We can also discern between good and evil, right and wrong, light and darkness, truth and error, and come to our own sound conclusions in the light of God's word.

5.  "Thy statutes" ...  The record of God's established law ... the word of God!  Meaning, we are not left high and dry without a sure foundation to stand on.  Therefore, it is not a matter of interpretation, as of self or private interpretation.  This has already been abandoned and renounced.  We can hold it in our hand ...  as Moses did with the tablets, as Jeremiah and Ezekiel did with the roll, as the prophets did with the books, as Timothy did with the parchments, as Thomas did with the Word of life.  A tangible record.  A three dimensional, palpable book would you believe?

6.  "Thy commandments" ... His concrete decree ... the word of God!  Opposite to licence, variance, relativity, and expedience.  Or any counter argument, set-up by man, to side-step God's word.

7.   "Thy judgements" ... Just and balanced discernment ... the word of God!  As opposed to being taken out of context by not rightly dividing the word of truth.  Nor presuming or assuming by using conjectural statements.  Being applicable to the here and now.  Something that can be practised and applied in our life, by being a doer of what is written.

Of course the above pattern throughout Psalm 119 would not have been planned by the Psalmist, as he penned these words of inspiration.  Nor would it be coincidence.  However, it does confirm and prove the inspiration, preservation and perfection of scripture.  As well as its Author!  Reinforced by 2 Sam. 22:31:

"As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all them that trust in him."

In conclusion here, can you notice something about the verse just quoted?  It starts off referring to the word (His way) and how it is tried and perfect.  Then finishes off in oneness with God's person ... "he is a buckler to all them that trust in him."  Like it was speaking about the same thing.  Meaning, coz God's word is tried and perfect, we can trust God Himself, who gave His word to us in writing.

Therefore, so much for those who would either deem or accuse you of worshiping His written word, by your agreement to this truth.  Now we are rightly justified in putting down these accusations as mere folly and straight-out tactical lies.  Furthermore, it is not wrong to cherish, love and embrace the written word of God, as God's very own ordained and inspired words.

The word - higher than His name

Last of all we must consider this very next important scripture when dealing with the person of God (found in the Lord Jesus Christ) and His full written account, record and testimony to this revelation ... de scriptures!!  Therefore, what is the most important ... the name of Jesus or the scripture?

Answer ... they are both as equally important!  Okay!

However, which one of the two has priority when it comes to God's word and God's name according to His order?

Answer ... God's word is first here, as the following verse proves beyond a shadow of a doubt.  Here it iz ... Ps. 138:2:

 ... "thou hast magnified they word above all thy name."

Get this:  This means God has indeed placed His word above the name of Jesus as just mentioned!  However, if you happen to read the above verse in most modern translations, you will miss the point completely (and know doubt it's deliberately rendered so) and get a far different story.  Here iz de proof:

NIV ...  "for you have exalted above all things your name and your word."  (emphasis mine)  What iz this saying?  It is saying very clearly, the Lord's name and word have been exalted together (as equals) above all things, obliterating the important order the Holy Bible (the AB) makes very clear.

RSV ...  "thou hast exalted above everything thy name and thy word".  (emphasis mine)  Again agreeing with the NIV here.  However, still being in full contradiction to the Holy Bible.  What's more, can you not see that this changes the meaning of the AB completely, by presenting the word and name by being on an equal status?  Just like traditionalists and nominalists placing tradition on a par with scripture!

NASB ...  "Thou hast magnified Thy word according to all They name."  (emphasis mine)  Again changing the meaning completely.  The Lord's name being put above His word this time.  Thatz the name and the word being given reversed roles.  Just like what is happening today with the role of men and women within the IC.  This would also mean we could do anything in the Lord's name, without qualifying its end by scripture.  The recent 'false signs and wonder' movement comes to mind here, as well as the Charismatic movement of the 70's.  Plus all the crazy decisions being made against sound doctrine, within the traditional churches.

The all important question here:  Why has the Lord magnified His word above His name?  Answer is simple!  We have witnessed through history many armies that have gone out in God's name killing, pillaging, raping and maiming, have we not?  But have these things been scriptural?  Definitely not, according to the New Testament!  Many prophets have prophesied many strange and off-beat things in Gods name.  But has God told them to?  No way!  Why?  Coz it is so easy to do anything in Jesus name in order to link Jesus to the act, in assuring His consent.  Very convenient to say the least!  But pure bull nevertheless!  Coz (get this very clear): Jesus will never put His approval on anything done in His name unless it lines up with His word first.  Simple!  As just pointed out.  The new age bible versions make this possible by distorting scripture.

At the end of the day, anything done in Jesus name means absolutely nothing as far as the Lord goes, if it does not line up with His word.  Remember all those try-hards, who used the excuse when they came before the Lord, that they must be worthy of heaven, due to all the acts they did in His name?  However, what did Jesus say to all these try-hard opportunists?  Answer ... (MAT 7:20-23):

"I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity."

Look at Jer. 27:15 for further confirmation:

"For I have not sent them, saith the LORD, yet they prophesy a lie in my name".

Get that?  They did something in the Lord's name but it was rejected.  Merely because they were using God's name to lie and spread deception, false promises and error.  Ring a bell?  Think of the many 'weird and wonderful' things done in Jesus name today, without scriptural backing!  Get the drift!? What is done in Jesus' name must always line up with scripture first (as just mentioned), or else it's not of God.  Plain and simple!

The name of Jesus is very important.  But it is simply not enough.  It must always be backed up by authority of the Holy Book.  The two are inseparable and must go hand in hand.  And if you think this is 'Bible worship' or that stupid Strawman word 'biblidolatry' is appropriate here, coz someone is supporting God's word to the end, by placing their life and salvation on it, then so be it!  It's your choice whether you serve a "Jesus" outside of his word (the scriptures) and reject the scriptural Jesus who says ... "they are they which testify of me"!  Knowing ... the rejectors will be judged as the idolaters (not biblidolaters) in the end (CO1 10:7).

Berean or Idolator?

In regards to the accusation of worshiping the Book instead of the Lord, it must be mentioned the name of the Lord Jesus Christ is the most precious and exalted name there is, and is the only name by which man can be saved.  Praise God He has told us so by His word!  This is because God has made His word His final back-up in everything that pertains to life, faith, and working out our own salvation.  Therefore, we cannot help but cherish, exalt, magnify, glorify, and elevate the word of God, as contained in the scriptures within the pages of the book called the Holy Bible, to a place of prominence and pre-eminence in everything we do ...

"that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified."

You can keep following your idea or theology.  Or pastor hero.  Or minister.  Or guru.  Or you could make and conclude the scriptures as your final authority in everything.  After all, who is it who comes (and is found) in the volume of the book? Nobody but Jesus!  Whereas, to follow and embrace Him, is absolutely impossible, without following and embracing His word first ... the written, infallible and holy scriptures!


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