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For disillusioned sceptics, try hard realists, and would-be pilgrims

As promised in JOH 3:15 (&16):  "That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life."

Has it ever dawned on you why the most universal swear word around the world today is the Lord's name?  Have you ever realized (and you probably haven't given it much thought) why the name of Jesus is the most cheapened and defamed, gutter name around, spoken millions of time every second, irrespective of whether you are Jewish, European, or any other nationality?  You don't hear folk saying Krishna!!, or Buddha!!, or even Adolph Hitler!!, or Saddam Hussein!!, when they whack their thumb with a hammer.  Ever seen somebody drop a heavy book on their foot and cry out Osama Bin Laden!!?  Or even Yahweh!!  Or Joshua!!, for that matter?  Not even Allah!!  No ... 
J - - - s  C - - - - t!!  And people aren't even aware they have spoken it.  Or why they have spoken it.  Have you ever wondered why this is?

The reason is very simple.  It is because the name of Jesus is the most supreme name there is, being the ONLY name given by God whereby mankind can be saved.  Satan, the fallen spiritual being, who controls the world's system, as the opposer of God, and being a liar from the beginning, has managed to infiltrate and influence the minds of man smoke screening the most precious name of Jesus into a caricatured byword among the nations.

There is more:  Most religions accommodate each other one way or the other by making flippant acknowledgments in reference to Jesus being a good holy man.  Or a humane teacher.  Or just another prophet from God.  They also accommodate each other by saying there are many paths to God, soft-peddling the sin issue.  However, biblical Christianity takes an uncompromising stand saying Jesus is the ONLY WAY to God, along with facing the sin problem head-on.  This means there is no substitute for repentance (genuine remorse and a willingness to turn away from your wrong doings and pride) when one wants to find God our Maker.

Therefore, only one comparison can be made between mans code of ethics and God's requirements when the issues of life and death are at stake:

As promised in
JOH 3:15 (&16):  "That whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life."
The good news (that's the Gospel) is Jesus (as the sacrificial lamb of God) has made payment for our transgression when He died on the cross.  Meaning, His shed blood declares us innocent, even though we didn't deserve it.  It's a matter of whosoever personally receiving this free gift from God, by an act of their own will.  Therefore, the only requirement necessary for salvation (now that Jesus has paid the complete price) is for the individual (this means YOU!) to humble yourself before Almighty God, admitting and turning away from the hopeless or vain state you happen to be in.  If you have not done this before, I strongly suggest you to call out to the Lord right now, without delay.  After all, it's the most important thing you will ever do ...

"Then how do you go about it?"

The answer is sooo simple, my friend:  It is simply by calling out to your Maker in desperation, even though you may fell like you are not, nor feel like doing it!!

Best to start with being ruthlessly honest with both yourself and the Lord, by telling Him how you really feel.  Even though you may feel you are not worthy, or have much breath within you to call out, just remember Christ came to call sinners and not the righteous (MAR 2:17).  And to grant His Holy Ghost to you as your Comforter and helper.  If you are righteous then there is no need reading any further.  Bye!!!  If you are a sinner ...  then call out right this moment!?  You have no choice ... God has commanded you to!  Therefore, call out to the name of the Lord without delay, for His mercy!


You could start off by saying something like this (bearing in mind this is not a formulae - just a help/start/guideline, helping you find words to express your need to your Maker):

"Jesus, I know things are amiss in my life and somehow I just can't measure up!  Save me Lord, and be my life I pray."

Next:  If you have just genuinely called out to the Lord, as scripture has said you should, please consider this following portion of scripture spoken by Jesus.  Bearing in mind, you are now entering a love relationship with Him:

"If you continue in my word (through reading the Bible and talking to Him daily, and doing what He says), then are ye my disciples (friends/followers) in deed; and ye shall know the truth, and the truth (not religion, or "going to church", or a "Christian" faith) shall make you free."

By sincerely calling out to the Lord to save you, whosoever you are, we can now genuinely say ...

"Welcome to God's Family ...  my Brother/my Sister!!  You have been born again!!!"

Simple?  You bet it is!  This is because it is supposed to be!  So the most base or desperate can make it.  Irrespective of your pimples, background, IQ, or education. Or what your culture, race or religion have dictated for you.  Or what others think or say about you.

On departing I would seriously ask you to ponder over the following words spoken by Jesus:

"Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.  But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven."

There it is!  In black and white, as ...  "It is written"!!  You have got no excuses now!

God bless!!

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