June 1998 - Updated 03/03/12

Where Are We Coming From

Buy the truth, and sell it not
Proverbs 23:23

The Radical Pilgrim is merely an online tool in pointing folk away from itself, to the fully reliable, recorded word of God!  That's the pilgrim's written, final authority in everything!

Meaning, the Radical Pilgrim is not an institution, just a Bible believing web site.  Nor is it connected to, or belonging to any group, denomination or organization, for that matter.  It is also why you will not find a hint nor subtle shove posted here, in trying to add or recruit you to someone's para group, clique or cause (you may be disappointed in what you see anyway).  Nor club (there's too many of them already).  Nor empire (politics is not "our" game).

Does this mean people who attend these things are hypocrites?  Not necessarily!  Quite often the contrary in fact!  As things like "sincerity" or "devotion" play a big part in their scene.  'Within' or 'without' you get your fair share of users and abusers.  However, this does not rule out within a smaller non-structured group, where people are generally not interested in paraphernalia or outward presentation, there is less to hide behind, and more to be exposed to.  In the end ... being answerable to God, and to Him only, is what counts.

What's the pitch then?  There isn't one!  What's the catch then?  Absolutely none!  No strings attached nor "for sale" signs found here!  That's coz the kingdom of God cannot be peddled or traded.  Also, the chances are we will never meet this side of eternity.  In fact, we may never correspond with each other (although it would be nice to hear from you).  But if this site can, by its written material, point you to a relationship with the Lord Jesus (the Gentiles Christ and the Jews Messiah), in the privacy of your own life, then God has wrought something very special and lasting.  Moreover, this is precisely what this site is all about.  You may not agree with some of its content (which you are entitled to anyway), but at least give it some honest consideration.  Comparing everything with holy scripture.  The bottom line:  Nobody here is interested in your money.  Nor wants to put anything on YOU!  Nor ANYONE!  Just point you to HIM!  Minus anything that may clutter the (narrow) way.

Furthermore, if the Lord by any chance ever chooses to close this web site down, then it could be time to move on.  After all ... we're only passing thru!

Trust you have a feast or two, and know when to spit out the bones!

In rounding off here, as well as giving you the chance to know a little more about the author ... look up this link:

The Amateur Scribe

If it hasn't happened already ... let the journey now begin!!!


Feel free to down load, or make copies of any article on The Radical Pilgrim, on the request that its contents are not changed, or sold; along with a link to its Home Page.