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Tyndale, LXX,  Joey Faust, NIV, NAS, Living Bible, New International Version, New American Standard, RV. RSV, Psalms 12,  james  white, david cloud, Dave Hunt, T.A. McMahon, robert thomas,  sam gipp,  peter ruckman, Kyle McAfee, Steve Van Nattan, tom lamb, Will Kinney, Ashley Hash
 Clarkson, Gail Riplinger, Dr. William P. Grady, Danny

D. Bunn, texe marrs, Keith Dotzler, jacob prasch, midrash, Yucov, moriel, jack chick,  joseph chambers, Timothy & Brenda Morton, lion lamb, Transliteration, translation, English, Greek, Hebrew, Original tongues,  kevin and sandra rae, preserved Word, Textus Receptus, art and vicki, Greek Text, scholar, Victoria Dillon, Richard Engstrom, Wendy Buester, Barbara Aho, Wendy Howard, mike paulson, charles shong, dennis lam, Keith Dotzler,  jason, Brendon Staggs, Joseph Chamber, Terry Stanley, Steve McCalip,

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