May 1998 - Updated 02/01/12

Is There Any Other Way?
Meaning, Purpose and Aim.

Meaning: What is primary.  Getting back to the basics ...  the nitty gritty.  Ruthlessly putting the axe to any root that is not founded and grounded in Christ. Sorting out and discarding the junk, and holding on dearly to what God intended in the first place.  For the Bride of Christ is being called back to her first love, to put the word of God first, and to re-make Him central in everything. Goodbye hierarchies ...  welcome priesthood of all believers.
Meaning: As sojourners we are on a journey to the new city.  This present place is not our home but is in fact reserved for God's eternal scrap-heap.  God's people are to leave it all behind, along with its baggage, politics, and system of values.  There's a great prize ahead, with many rewards on the way. Along with many obstacles and distractions. This is why we need each other ... for mutual encouragement and support along the way.

Firstly:  The purpose of the Radical Pilgrim is to encourage all Bible believers, everywhere, who happened to have walked away from the religious system (the invented institutional church), to follow Jesus as an individual, and discover God has given them sovereignty over their own spirit, to think and choose for themselves, in obedience to the heavenly call.  With no "spiritual" heavy breathing down your neck, nor religious gestapo knocking on your door demanding (with pleasantries and sweet sentiment) your unconditional devotion to them or their system.  Nor trying to reconcile with the scriptures, "church" clowns performing on certain "holy" days, making a holy God into a laughing stock, as well as His gospel into a mere entertaining commodity.

And secondly: To encourage all pampered believers, everywhere, who have (unfortunately) been cocooned by 'the system', to put their Bible completely before their "church" or "minister", and to follow Jesus (that's the scriptural Saviour, not the western invented dude who acts like God's errand boy).  Which means ...  following Him only, twenty four hours a day.  Simple.  Within reach.  And very attainable.  This way you become a living stone (not a pew potato) in God's spiritual building and a member of His called-out remnant church, the Body of Christ on earth (never confused with a religious club down the road).  With Him as head and not a "spiritual" professional.

This means His kingdom, the kingdom of God, is paramount in and over everything.  Where JESUS is KING!


Walking away from religion (mans substitute for God) in every shape and form, to a direct, person to person relationship with our Maker through Jesus.  Meaning, being 'real', twenty four/seven.  Plus, being a doer of what's written and not just a "skilled" orator.  Or a sponge.  Or a mass-produced stereotype.  Minus 'attention' or 'position' seeking, "altar-call" addiction, "spiritual" hypochondria, and "spiritual" schizophrenia (phew!!).  Oh, and not to forget to mention ...  avoiding the old proverbial 'martyr complex' thingy, by competing with your contemporaries or cronies (the Hebrew "root" word here - or is it the "original" Greek ... phoneys!  Or is it balonies?).  All in order to be seen or feel exhilarated. The Psalmist got it right (my emphasis of course):

"Therefore I esteem ALL thy precepts concerning ALL things to be right; and I hate EVERY false way."

The game is over now folks!  It is finished!!  The veil has been rent in two!  The great news ... we now have free, unlimited, unhindered, access into the holiest of all ...  any time!  Which means ...  God our Maker is fully approachable!  Yes ...  we can come boldly into the presence of our living Lord with utter most confidence ...  constantly!  The way has been cleared for total and complete access to our loving Father in Heaven!  It's childlike simplicity all the way ...

"Hi Dad! It's me! Your beloved son!"


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