New Zealand offers film-makers unique and diverse landscapes within a geographical area of only 268,000 sq km
image   From spectacular mountains, lakes and rivers and dramatic coastline, volcanoes, glaciers, fiords, rainforest to desert, New Zealand can duplicate almost any area of the world.

image  With a low population of 3.8 million, temperate climate, low production costs, New Zealand is the ideal location for films, television and advertising.

Ruth Petre:    
image  We have a politically stable environment and are an English-speaking country.
  born and trained in New Zealand as a photographer, and has worked extensively in New Zealand, Europe and the US. Currently working out of Christchurch, Ruth manages Locations New Zealand          

 The seasons in New Zealand are the opposite of those in the Northern hemisphere, with our summer months from November to March.

     New Zealand is technologically advanced,and has easy access to international travel, communications, and banking.    
Films and television series shot in New Zealand include:  The Piano, Hercules, Zena, Once were Warriors, Willow, Heavenly Creatures, The Frighteners, Ray Bradbury Theatre.

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