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Welcome to the Millennium Upgrade of my EFI transplant website originally published in February 1998. This upgrade is the first stage in a major review of the site, and part of an effort to publish a bigger chunk of the mountain of additional information I have gathered over the years.

My aim is to provide a one stop website to supply the kind of information I was unable to find when I did my first transplant way back in 1992. Although this site is heavily Toyota focused (and particularly on the 4AGE) the principles apply to the vast majority of EFI engines. This site is big on text and small on pictures as my objective is to pass information across - it is intended as more of a workshop manual than a coffee table book.

I have made each page quite long so that all the relevant information is together in one location. I have done it this was because the impression I got was that the majority people who visited the old website did it more to read the whole thing than just a chunk. Although it may take a bit longer to load a single long page, I can assure you it is quicker overall than loading 7 sub-pages. This format will also make printing hard copies easier or if you want to cut and paste into other documents etc. 

I have tried to make the information as up to date and accurate as possible, and would like to hear from you if you have any additional information you would like to share or if you have found any errors that need correcting.

EFI - Avoid at Your Peril!

Many car people I have met are terrified of EFI. There is absolutely no need to be. When I built my Lotus 7 replica originally I bought a crashed 4AGE powered Levin GT-V as a donor car. Until that moment I had never owned an EFI car, let alone worked on one. I think I drove one once. Anyway, if I can start out from that level of knowledge and sort it out, then I suggest you can too - especially once you have read all the info that is in this website.

Remember, all you have to do is bolt it in and connect it up - you don't have to design it! If you have a complete car all you have to do is unplug the complete loom from one car (carefully labeling everything - it was 6 months between when I pulled one car apart and got the engine going in the Leitch.....) and plug it into the next one. I believe people that shy away from fuel injection are throwing away a lot of money - especially those who put carbies on an EFI motor. Trust me, you will get an EFI motor going a lot cheaper on factory EFI than you will ever get one going on carbies or aftermarket injection.

Look at it this way - are you willing to spend an extra couple of thousand bucks to NOT use EFI because you have convinced yourself it is too complex to understand and learn how to install yourself?


The top and bottom of each page has buttons that will take you to the various main (parent) pages that make up this website. The left hand side of each page displays buttons to take you to the child pages underneath the page you are currently on. I have kept child pages to a minimum.

The top of each page also contains a box containing the contents of that specific page. These links will take you directly to the start of that section. The text within a page contains the odd hyperlink to some related information.

Finally the bottom of each page contains a link to the next page. These are the links to follow if you want to read through the website in the order which I have created it. These links do not include my projects or downloads etc.

This website is not...

... intended for bench racers or tire kickers (but feel fee to look). It is intended for people doing their own conversions who need hard core information.
... intended for people with more money than sense - this website has a No Buck Hi Tech approach because that is the only way I can afford to do it. Strangely enough all the real people I have met are in the same situation...
... a listing of parts or suppliers to enable you to buy a conversion kit. It is focused on people who are tackling serious Do It Yourself projects.
... based in the USA. I live in Auckland, New Zealand - so donít ask me to recommend a good parts shop in downtown Los Angeles... Note prices are generally expressed in $US to provide an indication of what things cost, unless otherwise stated. $1 NZ is about 50-55 cents US.
... associated with any company (although I am thinking about going into the parts supply and installation business...maybe next year...Stay Tuned)


Please do me the courtesy of reading this damn website before you hit me with questions. I get a little tired of stoopid people who cannot be bothered to read the information that is already provided - yet they expect me to spend my time answering inane questions. 

On with the show. I strongly suggest you work you way through all the pages in this website by following the 'Next' links like the one below. I Hope you find the site useful and interesting.


Phil Bradshaw

January 2000

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