The MULTITEST Calibration System is the most sophisticated torque calibration system available today. Developed under contract for the U.S. Air Force, it is their standard by which torque/force instruments are tested and calibrated. This includes most types of torque wrenches, torque screwdrivers, torque multipliers, cable tensiometers, tension and compression gauges, and non-impact power tools such as nutrunners and electric screwdrivers.

At the heart of each MULTITEST Calibration System is the 2000-610-02 Multitest Indicator and 2000-600-02 Mechanical Loader.

The 2000-610-02 MULTITEST Indicator features the very latest digital circuitry for fast and accurate torque testing. High accuracy, automatic transducer recognition, and easy calibration make the MULTITEST Calibration System the most advanced and user friendly system available. The MULTITEST indicator automatically recognizes any properly "Smart" calibrated transducer, selects the proper calibration data for the chosen transducer, and zeros the system all without pushing one button. Simply attach the wrench to the socket adapter, choose the correct testing mode, and apply the load. An automatic safety device virtually eliminates the possibility of over torquing. The integral printer generates immediate reports on the test results.

The indicator features a bright red alpha-numeric LED display for readout of torque in: ft. lb., in. lb., in. oz., Nm, dNm, mkg and cmkg, or force in: Ounce, Pound, Newton, DecaNewton, Kilopound (Kilogram) or Gram, depending upon the transducer in use.

A Torque-Angle mode can be setup for precision fastener installation monitoring. The MULTITEST indicator uses x4 quadrature logic that takes advantage of maximum resolution from industry standard bi-directional rotary encoders.

Set-up and calibration programming are entered on front panel membrane keys. HIGH and LOW torque limits are adjustable to give an audible alert. The user selects TRACK mode to display torque values as they are applied, PEAK HOLD or POWER TOOL modes display the highest torque value applied , or FIRST PEAK mode which captures the torque output at the "click" of a presetable wrench or driver. CLEAR, STORE and PRINT functions can be set up for automatic or manual operation.

The indicator stores and recalls up to 3,000 torque/force readings and does statistical analysis on them for optional downloading to a remote serial printer or computer. The statistical report (print out) includes a simple histogram for process monitoring. True RS-232 serial printer and separate RS-232 computer COM ports are at the back of the unit.

The MULTITEST Calibration System maybe used with an optional Roller Cabinet model 2000-100-02. The Roller Cabinet features heavy duty casters and nine drawers with ball bearing slides for transducer and calibration equipment storage.

MULTITEST Calibration System Features:

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