Digital Electronic Torque Wrench

Largest Storage Capacity Available
Up to 4000 torque values can be stored in memory. An audible tone signals when memory is full.
Down Loading Capacity
Computorq II is equipped to down-load individual torque values or store values in memory which can be directly down-loaded to a printer/computer or datalogger via RS232.
Selectable Modes of Operation
"Peak Hold" and "Track" modes of operation are standard. Computorq II's electronics are far superior to our competitors in capturing real torque value in "Peak" mode
Easy Set-Up
Target torque values (high and low percentage, tolerances and torque engineering units) are easily programmed through the keypad and shown on the LCD.
Quality Construction
Proven industrial quality. Designed for continuous use.
Available from 5 in. lb. to 1000 ft. lb.
A 9V alkaline battery is standard and provides enough power for 60 hours of operation. A "LO BAT" indication on the display signals for replacement.
1% From 20-100% of scale
1%, plus 5 increments, from 10 -20% of scale
Calibration Data
All calibration data is stored in the microprocessor
Baud Rate
The baud rate for downloading to a printer/computer/data logger is selectable. The factory set rate is 1200. Options are 300, 600, 1200 2400, 4800, 9600 or 19,200.


501-C1-II 1/4" 5 - 50 in. lb.
5.6 - 56 dNm
5.7 - 57 cmkg
80 - 800 in.oz.
.01 in. lb.
.01 dNm
.01 cmkg
.1 in. oz.
13.5" 1.5
2502CI-II 3/8" 25-250 in. lb.
28 - 282 dNm
29 - 288 cmkg
.1 in. lb.
.1 dNm
.1 cmkg
14.9" 2.0
502CF-II 3/8" 5 - 50 ft. lb.
68 - 667 dNm
69 - 691 cmkg
60 - 600 in. lb.
.01 ft. lb.
.1 dNm
.1 cmkg
.1 in. lb.
14.9" 2.0
2503CF-II 1/2" 25 - 250 ft. lb.
34 - 338 Nm
3.4 - 34 mkg
.1 ft. lb.
.1 Nm
.01 mkg
21.5" 3.2
6004CF-II 3/4" 60 - 600 ft. lb.
81 - 813 Nm
8.3 - 83 mkg
.1 ft. lb.
.1 Nm
.01 mkg
46.5" 9.5
10005CF-II 1" 100-1000 ft. lb.
135-1355 Nm
14 - 138 mkg
.1 ft. lb.
.1 Nm
.1 mkg
74.0" 19.0

The ranges listed above are for reference, as most of the torque engineering units can be selected through the keypad (Ft. Lb., In. Lb., In. Oz., NM, dNM, Mkg and cmkg).


P113-50 - TO 9 PIN P.C.
P113-60 - TO 25 PIN P.C.

Computorq-II Audio/Visual Indicators

Analog Bar Graph
Number of Torque Values in Memory
Super Twist LCD
Low Battery Indication
7 Torque Units
Track Mode
Green "Go" Limit LED
Peak Hold Mode
Power On/Off
Red "Over Torque" Limits LED
Clear LCD Display
Scroll Up
Zero Tare
Store Data to Switch
Send Data to Computer/Data Logger/Printer
Recall Stored Torque Data
Shift to Next Flashing Digit
Over Torque "Warning"
Set Up Parameters
Specific Torque # in Memory
Audio Buzzer

Computorq II wrenches are equipped with both audio and visual signals in addition to the torque information supplied on the LCD.

Audio Signal
An audio signal is emitted when the minimum acceptable standard indicators of high and low preset torque value is reached or the upper torque limit is exceeded.
Visual Indicators
Bright green and red LED's are standard indicators of high and low preset torque limits.
Over-Load Protection
The red LED flashes, the audio buzzer sounds and "OVER" is displayed on the LCD when the torque range of the wrench is exceeded.
Earpiece Option
An external jack for remote earpiece signaling in noisy working environments is available as an option.
New Liquid Crystal Display
Large sized Super Twist liquid crystal display incorporates technology improving visibility of displayed data from any viewing angle. The display is updated five times a second for changes in torque measurements. There is no perceived lag between applying torque and updating the measurements on the LCD. It is the fastest on the market.
Engineering Units
All seven basic engineering torque units are available on most Computorq 11 models (Ft. Lb., In. Lb., In. Oz., Nm, dNm, Mkg, or cmkg) and are easily selected through the keypad.
Displayed Torque Measurements
Torque measurements captured on the display remain until they are erased, sent to the wrench's memory, or down-loaded to an external device.


New Embossing Membrane Keypad
This new design gives positive touch and response when any key is depressed. Depression of any key is acknowledged by an audible signal giving a positive indication of acceptance. Entire keypad is sealed against moisture and contaminants
On/Off Switch
There is an On/OFF switch to conserve battery life located on the side of the wrench.
Sleep Mode
After a specified time period of inactivity, the wrench's display switches into a "sleep mode". All memory is retained while in the sleep mode. Operation may be continued by pressing the keypad.
Recall of Torque Measurements
Up to 999 torque measurements can be reviewed by the operator, last in first displayed, by pressing the recall button.
Recall Display
When the recalled torque measurement is displayed on the LCD, the sequence number and total number or stored values are also displayed for reference.
Bar Graph
A bar graph is displayed on the LCD showing the relative position of applied torque to the preset torque range. In track mode, the bar graph displays the relative position of the applied torque to the full range capability of the wrench. The bar graph is updated 10 times per second.
Directional Indicators.
There is a indicator on the LCD showing clockwise or counter-clockwise application of torque.

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