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New Zealand


Fri 7 May 99

3:20 p.m. depart Auckland and 7:05 p.m. arrive in Perth and stay 7 Days with one of the Twemlow with the aim of seeing the Fremantle markets.

Sat 15 May 99

1:40 am depart Perth and at 6:20 am arrive in Johannesburg where we will be sitting in transit for about 12hrs.

3:40 p.m. Depart Johannesburg and arrive Dar Es Salaam at 7:50 p.m.

Hooray we are in Tanzania !!!

…..And here we stayed for approx. 2 months.We stayed in Dar Es Salaam for 4 days with Habitat then we will flew to Dodoma where MAF had some work for us to do for a month. During this time we will popped up to Arusha at the base of Kilimanjaro to visiting a relative of Rachel's. We then headed back to Dar Es Salaam for the remaining 3 weeks at this point working for Habitat

There are 4 interesting pages well worth reading on our time in Dodoma

Fri 2nd July 99

11:30 p.m. depart Dar Es Salaam 4 Europe and arrive in Holland on Sat 3rd July 99 at 7:45 am

We were  in Europe for 5 weeks 10 days during which we had hoped to buy a fare and stay in Israel with Anna & Malcolm, but being summer

France  Spain   Italy  Switzerland Germany

Tue 10 Aug 99

11:20 am depart Amsterdam and arrive in Edinburgh at 11:55am

We will spend 3 weeks here doing the UK thing and will have to get visa for China.While in London don't know where we are staying yet,........ hint hint to all you Londoner's.

Wed 1st Sep 99

12:35pm depart Edinburgh for China via Amsterdam and arrive in Beijing on Thurs 2nd Sept 99 at 7:55am

We have 6 weeks in China and want to head to the Unaga province(E. - SE.) We have no idea what we will do there yet..... unless we hear of some thing to get involved in we will just end up doing the tourist things which while being exciting we would love to be more involved in the real China and its people.

Sat 23 Oct 99

9:10 am depart Beijing 4 Japan and arrive in Tokyo Narita transit, transfer, waiting and at 8:40 p.m. arrive in Osaka

We have 10 days in Japan with my brother and sister in law, Chris & Yoko and Zoe-Robin's cousin Joy Ai (she is 7 years old) Note?This may be the last time you can place your duty free orders for New Zealand so email close to this time!!

Tue 2nd Nov 99

8:15 p.m. depart Osaka for Fiji in Nandi and arrive Wed 3rd Nov 99 at 9:30 a.m.

We then travel to Beachcomber Island for three nights then cross over to Treasure Island for 2 nights then stay one more night back on Nandi at Tokatoka. This is the holiday from our holiday !!!


Tue 9th Nov 99

9:00 am depart Fiji for Home we arrive in Christchurch at 1:05 p.m. where we are greeted by thousands of adoring friends offering lots of beds for us to stay in for a week or two we hope, ....any takers? ( Lyndon will have a fine repertoire of fine recipes he can cook!!!!!!)

21st Nov 99

Depart Christchurch for Kuaotunu via Auckland????

My sister Anna has her wedding on the 27th Nov on the beach at Mum & Dads place where we will stay for Christmas ……………then the unknown begins...............…

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