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Our European Diary

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We have been in Holland staying with friends we met in Africa.

John and Susan have been really good to us. We have been here a week now and depart for Paris tomorrow. Holland is nice and neat. People live close together and their children share a playground, usually without grass. As soon as you walk out your door everyone can see what you are doing. J&S.jpg (53763 バイト)

We went to Zeeland on the weekend and it is more rural there, also a beach which was nice, but still the close housing. We are learning some Dutch slowly but most people here speak English.

It doesn't look like we will visit Malcolm and Anna in Israel now as the plane fares are very expensive double the normal fare as its holiday season at this time of year. We haven't completely given up hope yet, but it isn't looking promising either.

Zoe is taking more steps every day but not walking really and truly yet. She has eight teeth now and says over 30 words. She is a real squealer but very cute. We enjoy her very much. I think she is coping with travelling pretty well, on the last flight from Dar to Amsterdam she slept 6 and half hours out of the 8 hour flight, it was during the night. I bought her her first dolly the other day because in Africa she kept wanting the dolls of the other little kids that she played with. I also got her a pair of shoes which she thinks are marvelous. It is nice being in a country again where drinking water from the tap is safe, roads are smooth and mosies don't give malaria. We are still taking our anti malaria pills, it is a challenge each day to get Zoe's into her and we have to keep doing it for another 3 weeks...

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