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by Knightraven

Copyright 2000


"Well, this is just great," Nick grumbled from his position under the ancient vampire. "Could you please move your elbow!" he snapped, his demeanor becoming decidedly nasty rather quickly.

Lacroix growled. "This is hardly my fault, Nicholas," he snapped back, maneuvering himself to remove his appendage, with as much discomfort to the man beneath him as possible.

"It was your idea to come here," Nick growled.

"I had been summoned, Nicholas! I hardly had a choice but to come, now did I?" he returned with equal fervor. Lacroix then chose to ignore his son and reach out his hands in an effort to feel the dimensions of the space around them. He could stretch out fully to his left and almost to his right. His fingertips scrapped against the crumbling concrete above him and, reaching forward, he could feel the path blocked just above their heads, though his feet felt nothing impeding their movement. It was a tight space for two vampires, who were hardly getting along, to be trapped in.

He could hear muffled moaning and weeping elsewhere within the depths of the demolished subway. One by one, he could hear their weak mortal heartbeats stop, struggle and ease into silence along with their cries for help.

What on earth had compelled him to take this form of transport was beyond him. He should have just waited for the next available helicopter. It had been a five hour wait, that's why not, and he had not been able to cope with his son's moaning and complaining a minute longer than was absolutely necessary.

"Lacroix?" his son's voice whispered in his ear. The impetuous tone gone, only to be replaced with a sense of fear, which was reverberating across his mind. Nicholas did not enjoy small, dark spaces, and being buried alive under a thousand tons of concrete, wasn't exactly his idea of a fun way to spend the day...or several at worst.

"Yes, Nicholas?" he answered patiently.

"Can you see anything?" Nick's tone was becoming more anxious.


"How will we get out?" Lacroix was on full alert now. His son was not thinking clearly.

"The mortals will find us," he said calmly, trying to soothe his child.

"I can't breathe." Nick said, his voice becoming high with increasing panic.

"You have no need to," Lacroix attempted to allay his fear.

"I know, but I still can't!" Nick moved sideways, away from his master, in an effort to begin digging through the debris. Nick pulled and dug through a layer of broken concrete and plaster. It did nothing but bring a cloud of dust and debris down on top of them.

"Nicholas, stop!" Lacroix grabbed his son's hands and wrapped them about his body like a straight jacket to halt his panicked efforts. "It is all right. I am here. There is plenty of air coming through the gaps."

"I don't like it here, Lacroix," Nick whimpered as he lay still, yet ridged against his sire's body.

"I know," the ancient whispered. He was spooned behind his son now, and held him tightly to his chest, bringing a hand up to brush at the younger man's hair. He waited for the several minutes it took for his son's heart to slow it's rapid pace and his gasping breathes to ease.

"Better?" he asked Nick, as he continued to caress him gently, keeping his strokes soothing. He felt his son nod and sigh.

"I'm sorry," Nick whispered, ashamed of his reaction.

Lacroix sighed. His son wasn't usually such a panicky beast, but the circumstances made his actions understandable. Nicholas' experiences in confined spaces had been anything but comfortable, endearing times.

1345 AD

"Please! No, Lacroix!" The Ancient roughly pushed the young vampire back down onto the dirt floor, the chains fastened to the flagstone wall clanking brutally as his son stumbled and fell.

"You WILL learn to obey!!" he shouted at the man, pointing a finger in his rage.

"No! Please, Master! Don't close the door! No!" Nicolas was screaming, begging from his position sprawled on the floor. He tried to scramble to his feet and launch himself at the door but the chains around his ankles bit deep and brought him to his knees once again. Tears and dirt streaked his son's face and made him look even more pitiful than he sounded.

"You have brought this upon yourself, Nicholas!" Lacroix said with the eerie calm of a parent determined to punish a child, no matter the pain to either party.

"PLEEEASE!!!!" Nick screamed. The panicked tone in his voice gave Lacroix reason to pause, and turn back to face the man brutally pulling at his bonds in his efforts to free himself.

Lacroix closed his eyes for a moment, and sucked in a deep breath as he steeled himself against the sudden need to free and comfort his son. Turning back to the door, he stepped out into the early dawn and slammed home the bolt and let the sturdy steel bar slide down and lock into place.

The screams from within became almost more than he could bear. He could hear as Nicholas threw himself toward the door, the chains pulling taut, keeping him from crashing into the sturdy oak surface. He heard bones break and tendons tear; the rapidly intensifying scent of blood spread though the air as his son went berserk in the dark confines of the storeroom. Lacroix quickly took to the air, and flew as far and fast as he could, trying to escape the torment he was inflicting upon his own cold heart.

He did not return until the sun set that evening. As he approached the store, he listened carefully for any sound as an eerie stillness crept into his heart. The room was silent. He felt his son's presence, but little else. He had almost come to him during the day. The absolute desperation he had felt pulsing though their blood bond had woken him from an already fitful sleep.

Unlatching the door, he drew back the iron bar and slowly opened the door. A shaft of soft light lit the empty room. It took him a moment to find his son. He was curled into a ball in the farthest corner of the otherwise empty room.

As Lacroix drew nearer, Nicholas flinched away, and a quiet wail began to emanate from within the bundle of soiled and torn clothing. His son was almost naked. His clothes torn and ripped from his body. Blood covered every part of his exposed skin, and Lacroix could clearly see the unhealed lacerations and the protruding white of broken bone.

"Nicholas...why did you do this?" He could not understand his son actions. Why had he gone so...insane at being shut in a dark room for the night? His son had inflicted far greater damage to himself than he would have done with a mere beating.

His child whimpered and tried to move even further away from his attempt to touch him. "Shh, Nicholas. I will not hurt you," he whispered. His son's fear-filled eyes, wide and white with terror, looked to him over the shield of his arm.

"Lacroix?" a small weak voice forced itself from the shell of a man before him.

"Yes, Nicholas...it is I,"

"Don't leave me," he whispered. Lacroix sighed as Nicholas let him come closer and brush a hand over the back of his head.

"I will never leave you, Nicholas," he said with quiet intensity. Nicholas gently nodded his head and allowed his sire to prise the chains from his ankles and gather him into his arms.

Lacroix carried Nick out into the fresh air, and took to the sky, quickly arriving in his bedroom. He gently placed his exhausted son upon the bed, and backed away to properly inspect his condition.

Janette took this moment to enter the room. "Mon Deu! What happened?" she asked, quickly coming to the bedside.

"He reacted rather unpredictably," Lacroix replied quietly as he began to disrobe what was left of his son's clothing.

"To what?" Janette asked him firmly, already having a fair idea as to what, if not the how.

"He disobeyed me...and had to be punished. I locked him in the empty storeroom for the day."

"So why does he look like you tried to tear him limb from limb?" she all but demanded. Lacroix glared at her disrespectful tone and she lowered her eyes in submission.

"He apparently does not like being locked in the dark...he did this to himself," he sighed.

Janette gasped at the revelation that Nicholas had been so terrified to do such injury to himself

"Come, help hold him while I set his wrists," Lacroix told her gently, and together, they went about returning their youngest family member to a respectable state.

It was late in the evening when Janette finally left them, excusing herself, announcing that she had many appointments she must keep.

Lacroix sighed, his exhaustion evident. Letting his own clothes fall to the floor, he crawled in beside his son and brought him into his arms. His son had yet to waken, and was not about to for sometime, so he, too, closed his eyes and let Morpheus take him.



"This will drive the devil out of you, boy!"

A tall, thin man, with large eyebrows and heavy set eyes, dragged a young boy though the hallways into the bowels of the castle. He opened a heavy oak door and threw the child through it, banging it closed as the child hit the ground, and turned the key.

Nicolas sat on the damp, straw-covered ground, his eyes wide as his fear grew stronger in the darkness. He had made his tutor look the fool by hiding his lesson planner for the day and sprinkling his chair with chalk dust. It had just been a bit of fun at the time, but his new tutor had become enraged.

The smell in the room was putrid and made him gag. His fine clothes were now stained and reeking of sewerage. It was pitch dark. Not a beam of light could be seen, not even his hand before his face.

The squeak of rats and their little paws scurrying across the floor forced the boy to rise to his feet and glance about, even though he couldn't see anything.

"What ya doin' here, boy?" a voice said out of the darkness. Nicolas could not help the yelp of fright that escaped his youthful lips.

"Don' be 'fraid, lil' one. I won't hurt ya."

Nicolas heard the man come closer, then a hand brushed against his shoulder.

"Ah, there you are!" the man exclaimed lightly. Nicolas cringed and tried to move away from the hands pawing over his body. He leapt away when they came in contact with his groin.

"Do not touch me!" the boy demanded, his voice trembling, though he tried to be as his father was -- strong, confident, Lord of the region. "I am Nicolas de Brabant! Take your hands off me!"

"I won't hurt ya, boy. You will like it. I promise..." Nicolas could hear the man mocking him. Then suddenly the man was on top of him, dragging him to the ground. Nicolas screamed for help, but no one came. His father was gone, his mother caring for his baby sister. His tutor was the only guardian he had...and he had brought him here.

For hours the man raped him...and once released, he had been cleaned and returned to his home. Nicolas had never said a word. He drove the incident from his mind. So well, in fact, had he hidden it, he had forgotten it had ever happened. But to this day, he never liked dark places, nor to be locked away...he had no idea why, he just always had...



End part 1

Part 2


by Knightraven

Copyright 2000



Present Day...

Lacroix turned his head to peer into the blackness even his eyes could not pierce. He could hear and sense his son becoming more uncomfortable.

A distraction was needed if they were both to survive this incarceration. Slowly, he moved a hand across the small space between them until it came into contact with a denim-clad thigh. He felt Nick tense as he gently ran his fingers down, then across and up, his inner leg. A quick intake of breath was all that his son issued, but a thrum of sexual energy began to flow into him, a mixture of both Nicholas' and his own rising passion.

It was tight, but it could be done. But what was more so on his mind, was keeping Nicholas' attention well away from the panic and unease which being in such a position has caused in the past. His son needed to be in control.

"Nicholas..." he breathed.

Nick turned to face his sire, his breathing increasing as his groin stirred.

"Yes?" he whispered. Lacroix moved closer and brushed his lips against his son's ear.

"Fuck me," he whispered.

Nick was stunned in to silence. The mere thought of thrusting into his sire brought his erection to full mast, painfully straining against his jeans. Nick groaned as his sire's hand moved across to trace the outline of his bulge.

"Lacroix..." he moaned as he shut his eyes in rapture. Could he? Could he take his sire just as Lacroix had taken him so many times in the past? They had come close once before, but that was so long ago and so much had passed between them since then.

"Are you sure?" Nick breathed. Lacroix moved closer to his son and briefly took his ear lobe between his teeth.

"Yesss," he replied, his breath, once again, erotically brushing across Nick's ear. "This is your game, Nicholas. I am yours to command...Take me!" Lacroix whispered fiercely.

If his son did not act soon, he would be the one doing the taking! But his son wasted no time in becoming the aggressor. He was pushed roughly back and his shirt ripped from his chest. Hands quickly tweaked his nipples, producing a gasp at the sudden pain and delight as a tongue moved in to soothe the burn. But his son did not linger for long. Fingers were pulling hurriedly at his belt, and once undone, moved to his button and zipper. His trousers and underwear were pushed roughly and quickly down to his knees.

"Take them off," Nick demanded. Lacroix complied, playing the part of the submissive. Naked, he felt the grit and debris beneath him, and he listened to the sounds of clothing being removed. Soon, a naked body was pressing against him, and a warm mouth claiming his, driving its tongue deep within. He moaned as he dueled with his son, tongues wrapping around each other, exploring familiar territory.

He felt Nick pull him closer, then tensed as his son pulled him to lie on top of him, his back flush against the younger man's chest. Nicholas' erection was sitting between his buttocks and his own straining cock was burning to be stroked. He reached down to relieve himself, just a little, but was suddenly deprived as hands grabbed his wrists and brought them to his sides.

"No," his son told him.

"Nicholas..." he gasped.

"Mine!" Nick hissed. His entire personality had changed as the beast within was given free rein.

A groan was forced from the ancient as his wrists were released and the younger man's hands were forced under his buttocks. At the same time, Nick drew up his knees and spread his sire's legs wide apart, raising him off of his body, just enough to allow his fingers to reach the elder's tight anus. Lacroix dropped his head back as Nick drew small circles across his tight muscle. The position he now found himself in was extremely erotic, and was arousing him no end.

He let out a sharp grunt as a fingernail sliced into his ass cheek and he felt the blood run down between his buttocks. Nicholas' fingers worked it over his anus and suddenly began to probe him with a finger, beginning his preparation for things to come.

Lacroix felt his penis twitch heavily, and he found himself breathing more rapidly, and sweat begin to rise upon his forehead. A second finger was pushed into him and he groaned. Oh, gods, this boy knew what he was doing!

When a third finger moved inside he grunted loudly as the pain seared his insides. Nick paused his intrusion, but did not pull out, instead, gently moved his fingers, widening the pathway until his sire's passage adjusted to his presence.

"You like this don't you?" Nick breathed into his father's ear, shoving his fingers deeper. He was rewarded with a grunt and a gasp of air from the ancient vampire.

"Don't you?!" Nick demanded, forcing himself deeper, coming into contact with Lacroix's prostate.

"Ahhh! Yes!" the man cried in an unholy mix of pain and pleasure.

His sire's cry of arousal pierced Nick through the groin, and he quickly smeared blood over his penis and positioned himself against Lacroix's entrance.

Lacroix's hands were spread against the roof of the small space they were in, his legs spread apart by his son's knees as strong legs beneath held him aloft, his shoulders and head against Nick's chest. Nick held still for a long moment, his cock teasing the opening of his master's tight entry.

"Slowly, Nicholas..." his master breathed as the head of his cock pressed harder against his rear. Nick smiled and held him in position for an agonizingly long minute.

"Damn you, Nicholas!" Lacroix growled, his burning lust reaching a crescendo. He needed to feel his son within him. "Fuck me!" he demanded.

Nick pulled his sire forcefully down.

"AHHHHHH! You bastard! Oh, gods, Nicholas!" the elder cried, his arms flailing and hands slapping hard up against the roof as his son's thick cock tore him apart.

Nick held still for only a moment before he began moving in long, slow strokes. The initial pain subsided, and Lacroix panted as he clenched his ass around his son.

"God, you're tight!" Nick gasped.

"Not many...have had...the privilege," Lacroix panted, his eyes closed tightly in absolute pleasure. "Yes, Nicholas..." he groaned as he matched his son's strokes with that of his hand against his own engorged flesh.

Nick grunted as he quickened his pace, holding his sire's hips aloft as he pounded into his ass.

Lacroix could barely believe how full his son's cock felt inside him, touching and stimulating every inch. With both disappointment and relief, he sensed he wasn't going to last much longer and, thankfully, when he touched his son's mind, he noted Nicholas wasn't either.

"Hmmmh..." Lacroix grunted repeatedly. It felt so good. He had no idea why they hadn't done this sooner...

"I want you to cum for me," Nick said into this ear. "I want to feel your ass clench my cock as you take my blood and shoot over your belly!" Nick's rouge murmur and demands aroused the vampire beyond his control, and he pumped his hand faster. Nicolas had never before dared to be so demanding.

"I want you to beg me to fuck you, to release you!" Nick whispered harshly, pumping his hips hard against his sire's buttocks, slapping flesh against flesh. Lacroix couldn't quite bring himself to say the words, to give away just that much more control.

Nick slowed his thrusts, then punctuated his next words with sharp, hard thrusts. "Say it! Beg me...to fuck...you!"

"Angh!" Lacroix gasped as his son's thrusts brutally hit his prostate again and again. Pleasure, pain, pleasure! Oh Gods!

"Go on, do it...say you want me to make you explode," Nick gasped in his ear.

"Nicholas...ennnnh...." he groaned. Then finally, when neither could stand it any longer, he submitted. "Take me...Nicholas..."

"You want me to?"

"Yesss! Nicholas! Fuck me! Damn you!"

Nick quickly began pounding fast and hard into his sire. They both moaned and grunted as they rushed toward their peak.


Nick shifted slightly to a better angle, then demanded, "Do it! Give yourself to me now!"

Nick then thrust his fangs into his sire's shoulder, and turned his head to bare his neck to his master. Lacroix wasted no time in sinking his teeth into his son's neck, convulsing as he felt his son climax within him, triggering his own orgasm. Bloody semen hit his cheek and chest as he climaxed about as hard as he had ever thought he could. His hand stroked his cock as Nicholas slapped against his ass, milking every drop of cum from his own.

Fangs eventually released, and Nick let his sire slump down onto his body. They stayed still for some time, joined, his sire's anus still clenching rhythmically around his cock, sending ripples of pleasure across his body. They rolled onto their sides, and for the first time that Nicholas could ever remember, they fell asleep with him wrapped around his sire, holding him close.

They were roused by a persistent pounding. The shower of dust and debris falling upon them woke them fully. Nick coughed and wiped at his eyes.

"It seems our rescue party has arrived, mon fils," Lacroix announced, feeling around for his clothes.

"Thank God," Nick sighed, but quickly added," It's not that I didn't enjoy our entrapment together, " he smirked, "but I would rather get the hell out of here."

"I quite agree."

"Is this my underwear?" Nick asked suddenly.

"Does it matter?"

"Suppose not," he said, smiling into the dark. They struggled and nudged against each other as they dressed themselves. Nick was pretty sure his shirt was inside out, but right now he didn't care.

He could hear a dog directly above their heads and he called out. "In here! Help!" The dog whoofed, and a few minutes later the rescue party was breaking through the debris to uncover the life saving space they were huddled in.

"We got two in here!!" a voice yelled.


Natalie rushed into the hospital entrance and up to the reception desk. "Excuse me. I am looking for Nick Knight. He was brought in from the subway bombing."

The male nurse grabbed the relevant chart and said, "Ah, yes Detective Knight...and Lucien Lacroix...the worst patients in history." the nurse said. "He and his father are over there." The man pointed toward the cubicle with a closed curtain.

"Thanks." Natalie smiled and waved away his escort. She strode over to the curtain and whipped it aside. The two filthy vampires turned their heads toward the intrusion. One glared, the other grinned.

"Nat!" Nick leapt up and pulled her into a bear hug.

"Well, you're obviously all right," she said, chuckling and rolling her eyes at the ancient behind Nick, sharing a look of amusement at Nick's enthusiasm.

Lacroix was all too aware that his son loved this woman. Well...he sighed inwardly...as long as she had no qualms about sharing...

"Come on, the car's out front. I'll take you guys home."

"Thank you, doctor, but I believe I am required elsewhere," he said, pulling on his battered jacket over what was left of his shirt.

"Oh, yeah, I almost forgot...Janette said to tell you that Hamish called and said that the meeting was rescheduled to next month. Nick why is your shirt inside out?" she asked.

Lacroix raised an eyebrow, then smiled lightly as he said, "Well, perhaps I shall take you up on that offer of a ride after all."

Nick smiled as the statement deterred Natalie from interrogating him about his shirt. He would tell her, of course, he was sure she had guessed that he and his master had been intimate in the past, but this was not the best time or place. He wasn't exactly sure how she would react to the knowledge that he and Lacroix had just had roaring great sex in a demolished subway...and that it wasn't the first time. Nick let loose a grin as he replayed their little adventure and its stunning...er...outcome. He had to struggle to calm himself as his groin began to stir yet again at the thought.

Natalie glanced in the rear view mirror at the men sleeping on the back seat. Nick was huddled into his father's side and the elder was holding his son close.

She huffed a chuckle. Maybe Janette was right. All these two needed was a little quality time together... Humph...knowing them, they would be back to their usual bickering selves by morning. Shaking her head, Natalie turned her concentration to the road once again. Soon they would be entering the Toronto city limits. They were home.


The End