In this day and age Travelers are choosing email to stay in touch with home. There are many options available but ours is totally staff-free.

Install this machine, Totally self-service.  Collect all of the money, pay your ISP costs and the rest is profit.

Cheaper Slave units make even more profit by sharing the same connection with the master unit

Choose any timber finish to suit the elegance of your premises. The unit pictured uses Macrocarpa Slab from Northland Forests.
We chose low-cost standard PC keyboards and mice, user changeable and a lot nicer to use than other almost-vandal-proof keyboards that we have reviewed

The system includes a full local-area network for reliable and economic internet access .  Up to 49 Slave units connect to the first units network and share the same phone line simultaneously. This does radical things to the profit.
E-mail can be checked and replied to on the spot - day or night.

Price - Master / First unit $7995.00 plus GST
Price - Slave / extra units $6995.00 plus GST
Average "Pay-Back" period - 14 months based on a single unit in remote areas.