Part One

Xander slouched forward in his seat , his arms stretched out along the top of the table in front of him. His muscles ached in places he never knew they could. His brain was slowly winding down as his eyelids started to flutter. He was just too damn tired to care what Giles was going on about anymore. Demon hunting and Anya's sexual demands were keeping him up nights and he still had to go to work each morning.

 Another pair of equally heavy lids gazed admiringly at Anya's backside as she cheerily carried on a conversation with a customer.

''Stop it Spike!''

Spike threw him an indignant look ''What mate?''

''You know damn well what I'm talking about'' Xander scowled at him .

''Like I'd be interested in your demon bird '' he snorted, his eyes darting back towards Anya just as she bent over to retrieve a toad eye that had rolled off the counter. His pupils widened and darkened when her skirt inched higher up her thigh, the edge of her white lacy panties came into view. Spike gasped.

'' Not interested huh? '' Xander glared at him.

Spike shut his mouth before he drooled anymore over the book in front of him. Spinning in his chair to face Xander. Eyebrow arched he let his heated gaze wander over the boys face... settling on Xander's mouth.

'' I'm sure she's a nice bit of demon tail ...but you could do better, Mate '' he leered at him.  

Xander reached across the expanse of the table, latching onto Spike's forearms, he hauled him across the length till Spike was spread-eagled on his stomach. Xander proceeded to climb onto his back ...straddling his hips he leaned forward till his chest rubbed against the length of Spike's spine. Spike's duster squeaked in protest at being manhandled by the squirming boy making himself comfortable on its owners back.

'' Yes I think your right Spike .... I can do better '' Xander purred in his ear, reaching a hand back he squeezed Spike's butt harshly through the rough material.  " Mmmmmm nice bit of demon tail you have...mate!!! '' he mocked. Sliding his fingers down Spike's denim clad leg till he encountered the worn leather of Spike's boot. Extracting the knife from inside the boot ...he leaned close, his lips grazing Spike's ear, he whispered huskily '' Hmmmm so what do we have here ? ''

Spike bucked at the human on his back. Xander had no idea what he was playing at, taking his knife and teasing him with it. That really wasn't a smart idea for the kid to do...even with his chip in place it was a dangerous game to be playing with a master vampire. Xander should know better than to taunt the undead...silly boy.

Xander lay cold steel against Spike's cheek ... he flicked the blade lightly down the side of his face. Spike's nostrils flared when the scent of his own blood hit the air...tempting his demon into near hysteria. The rapid beating of a human heart so deliciously close to him. Xander's arousal impaling him to the wooden surface as it throbbed and pushed mercilessly in between his butt cheeks. Both cocks were imprisoned in what seemed like acres of cloth and denim, both ached for release.

Xander was slowly grinding his pelvis in tight circles against Spike's backside...a luscious friction of heat and motion was sending bolts of pleasure throughout Spike's body. He began to pant in tempo to the low moans of the boy who was placing open-mouthed kisses on the back of his neck. Spike was humping the wooden table but his brain was far too gone to care about the sight in which he must be representing to the others.

Xander's tongue swept down Spike's throat as the vampire tilted his head towards the boy. Licking at the blood, he tasted its metal tang, rolling the intense flavour around his mouth he grinned. Leaning in for more he slurped messily till the wound healed and no more blood could be enticed with his greedy tongue.

Placing the knife on the table out of reach from the vampire, Xander reversed his position till he was straddling Spike's torso but now he faced his feet. Spike growled with frustration when Xander stopped grinding into him, but as Xander swapped his position he found his cock trapped severely against the unrestricting wood. It was torment and bliss rolled into one, all that was needed was for him to move, but Xander was heavy and he couldn't gain the friction he so craved.

'' Move you bastard, your killing me down here... ''

Xander arched his back which sent Spike's upper body smacking viciously into the table. His forehead collided with the hard wood and he pierced his own tongue with one of his fangs. '' Oww !!!...Damn it what do you think your doing whelp." Xander reached for the knife once again " Shhhhhh!!!! '' pursing his lips, concentrating on what he was doing. Spike was momentarily hushed when he felt Xander pulling the material away from his waist...the unmistakable feel of cold metal against his flesh. He sucked in an unneeded breath at the implications of that knife on his sensitive skin. There was a loud tear as his jeans were ripped away from him. Spike froze as the cool atmosphere of the room hit his naked ass, to be quickly replaced with warm puffs of air. His nerves jumped with anticipation and he started to pant again with desire at the thought of that mouth on his skin.

'' Oh god ...Xander ..please do something '' his ragged breath surrounding him, his hands finding the corner of the table as his fingers curled over the edge, gripping tight and waiting for that mouth to descend upon his flesh.


Xander had picked up the open book on 'Dr Feldermar's Theory on the Undead and their Mating Habits ' that Spike had been reading and whacked it brutally against the vampires tempting ass. '' I told you to be quiet !!'' he growled hoarsely  .

'' Don't you bloody well....... ''


'' You don't know what you are........''


'' whelp you better stop ......''


'' damn it boy stop that ....''

SMACK!!! !!!!


'' Oi, fucking stop that right now '' he hissed bucking violently.

Xander stopped spanking Spike and leaned back to look at the vampires red angry butt. He laughed at the spitting and growling coming from Spike as he tried to squirm out from under him. Holding tightly onto Spike's hips he rode the body trying desperately to dislodge him. Grinning to himself as the pissed off vampire ceased his struggling. Xander bent down and inspected closely a series of minute paper cuts that decorated Spike's butt. Small beads of blood rose to the surface of the skin and with the flat of his tongue he gently swiped the pale skin clean again .

'' Oh yes ... more '' rasped Spike, licking his dry lips, he closed his eyes in ecstasy as the saliva cooled his inflamed skin.

Spike lifted his bottom off the table trying to entice Xander not to stop. Wriggling his ass as the tip of his abused cock rubbed against the rough table top. He wanted to cum so badly, but he refused to plead with this human just to fuck him and get it bloody over with.

'' First its 'fucking stop that' its 'more'. Which is it that you want exactly, Spike? ''

He glared hard at the grains in the wood in front of him, desperately trying not to lose control ...his black chipped nails  viciously clawed into the wood. One firm wet lick down the crack between his cheeks had him whimpering like a teased animal denied his treat. A small trickle of blood had escaped into the valley between Spike's cheeks, Xander had only sought to discover where it was going. Spike smelled divine ...very earthy and tempting. He wanted to taste all of him, nibbling at the soft cool skin he delved further between Spike's cheeks ... circling the hole he thrust his tongue into heaven. Mumbling to himself on how delicious Spike was he lost himself in his exploration.

Spike hissed at the biting of his flesh and screamed as the hot tongue entered him, probing him while his body vibrated with Xander's rumbling voice, that seemed to sing through every nerve in his body ... he was practically humming with pleasure. At this moment he didn't care that Xander was the aggressor, he would give himself willingly to be ravished by this man. Spike pushed himself further over the edge as Xander plunged deeper into him. He moaned deeply, thrashing his head from side to side as Xander used his hands to spread his cheeks for better access with his tongue. His cock was kneaded against the uneven surface, sensation was becoming too much he was going to explode ...but he really didn't care as long as Xander never stopped what he was doing with that wicked tongue. Close to the edge... oh shit...damn...yes, yes...close to the fucking edge .


Xander fell backwards as his chair slipped from its precarious angle on two legs. Landing with a thud on the carpeted floor he blinked furiously at his surroundings. Damn his butt hurt ...darn carpet was pretty much threadbare, must be concrete underneath as he could feel the sting of the impact. Remembering what had just happened he blushed ...refusing to look at the others. He stood up wincing at his protesting, abused flesh. Righting the chair his eyes flickered over to where Spike was seated. The vampire was staring at him in obvious annoyance, perhaps because he had been disturbed from his reading. Spike fully dressed and looking rather peeved, not bent over the table all gorgeous and panting, screaming out his name in the throes of passion.


"You okay mate ?" Spike frowned at him. What was he so damned flushed for, bloody marvellous him falling like that ...broke up the monotony of listening to the Watcher prattle on about something he didn't give a flying fuck about anyway.

'' Yup... fine ... just fine ''  Xander stuttered, wandering off into the stacks in the pretence of finding another book to research. Finally alone he let out the breath he had been holding after seeing Spike gazing so intently at him. Bringing his hands up to his heated face, he felt so hot, so out of control ...he needed a good excuse to leave. Pacing in front of the bookshelf he failed to see Spike saunter towards him until he was right on top of him. Xander gasped and took an involuntary step back from the concerned look on Spike's face.

'' Spike ! '' he gulped.

'' What is up with you, Pet. You look positively frightened of little old me... not that I'm complaining '' he grinned, closing the gap between him and the boy.

Xander laughed nervously but didn't trust himself to say anything ...knowing it would come out as a squeak. Backing up against the bookshelf he had no where to go when Spike stepped up close to him. He could smell him... cigarette's, earth, blood and his own unique mustiness that was uniquely Spike. The memory of his vivid dream floated out to assault him, he could feel himself growing aroused, his breathing grew shallow as his eyes swept hungrily up Spike's body.

Squeezing his back desperately into the shelf, moulding himself against the books, trying to get away from the scent of him, the feel of his skin so tantalizingly near to his own. Books began to fall off their perch as the shelf shook violently with his weight leaning against it .

Spike grabbed him by the shoulders, the shelf instantly stopped swinging and all was silent again, if not for the rapid beating of his heart as it fluttered wildly in his chest. Looking up into azure eyes tinged in the tiniest flecks of gold he realised Spike was frowning at him.

Pushing Spike away from him sharply he rushed down the stairs... mumbling out his apologies for leaving, he felt fluey and needed some sleep. Xander escaped his torturer and ran out of the building and into the night.

Upstairs Spike shook his head frowning, laughing to himself, thoroughly confused as to why Xander had seemed so petrified of him coming too close. The boy knew that he couldn't harm him, yet he seemed terrified of being in the same room as him. Then there was that scent that had tingled his senses familiar very sweet and intoxicating .

Clicking his tongue, grinning as he realised what it had been .

Pheromones... Xander had been leaking arousal out of every pore, no wonder he had felt so horny tonight... it was the bloody whelps fault.

How interesting he smirked to himself.  I think that tonight's meeting is over. You know, things to do, people to shag...he grinned. A naughty wee gleam in his eye as he swept his duster around him, quickly descending the stairs.


Part Two

Xander flung his apartment door open then slammed it shut quickly again behind him. Leaning his forehead against the cool wood he finally started to calm down now that he was safely home. The entire walk home he had agonized over the dream and the way he had acted towards Spike afterwards. He could admit to himself that he found Spike attractive and that dream hadn't been the first fantasy he had entertained about the vampire, but the others had been practically tame compared to that little S&M jaunt and what had all that blood play been about. Where in the hell in his brain had that come from, why did it turn him on so?

Pressing his forehead into the hard surface he had a sudden desire to just bang his head repeatedly against the door, maybe it would somehow right the awful temptation in his brain that Spike was becoming to him. Maybe the sight of anybody who looked vaguely like Spike wouldn't have him hyperventilating like crazy, to the point he had to run across the road to get away from them. Had he spent too much of his life surrounded by demons that he was now somehow being sucked into lusting after them. Licking Spike's blood had made him so excited. How disgustingly horrible was that ? He felt sick and perverted.

Tonight had been too much, so real and yet so right, but it had been a dream although an inappropriately timed one. Why in a Scooby meeting of all places, right in front of the object of his desire... could he be more desperate!!!. Thank god he hadn't murmured anything mortifying in his sleep, but the whole thing had been just so close, too damn close and then as if the humiliation wasn't enough Spike had to follow him. He couldn't keep his sexy undead ass in his own chair ... Oh no... he had to get up-close and personal. Just the scent of that man as he filled his entire vision, his entire damn world... it had been enough to just about drive him to his knees.

Sighing Xander rubbed his sweaty forehead against the coolness of the paint, he was safe, he was home and tomorrow was another day to avoid Spike. He would have to do better so that no one would suspect, he craved a lot of things but humiliation wasn't one of them.

A sharp knock at the door nearly gave Xander a heart attack ... he froze.

The knocking continued as he lifted his cheek carefully from the wood... the wet peal of his sweaty skin seemed deafening to his ears.

Xander knew he didn't want to know what or who was at his door at this hour ... he chose to ignore the visitor.

Several seconds ticked by...

'' I can bloody well hear you breathing monkey boy ... Let me in ? ''

Xander closed his eyes tightly but didn't move ...didn't even dare to answer.

There was a soft sigh on the other side of the door and a whispered plea '' Please Xan ... let me in ? ''

Oh god how could he resist this man, he was a wreck...

Xander gripped the handle fiercely...battle raging in his head as he slowly unlocked the door and let it naturally slide open while he stepped away from it. A hand snapped out shoving the door violently against the wall. A figure stepped through the entranceway just in time for the door to reverberate off the wall and slam shut once more.

Spike stood there facing Xander a knowing smirk on his lips.

Xander tried to ignore the look that Spike was giving him, he rolled his shoulders and attempted to calm his breathing, he needed his next words to slip from his mouth with as much casualness and control that he could muster.

'' So what's up Spike ? '' he almost smiled, happy that his voice sounded normal - not a betraying emotion on any syllable ...damn straight he could do this. Couple of sentences with the vampire then push him towards the door and he would be free again. Then of course he made the error of looking Spike in the eye...oh big mistake. That grin so knowing, those eyes practically laughing at him. Xander knew that Spike knew and his face fell at the knowledge, his eyes darted around the room as his brain desperately searched for an answer.

No snide comment came out of Spike's mouth instead he just answered Xander's question with an innocent question of his own .

'' I don't know, you tell me ? ''

Xander relaxed a little, so all Spike was curious about was why I ran off... he didn't know anything. Xander almost whacked himself on the head for jumping to conclusions then he looked Spike in the eye again to answer him.

Big mistake, Oh big fucking mistake... why did he fall for this every time, the innocent act.

Spike still had the grin on his face as his eyes shone with laughter and intent. Xander gulped and started to clear his throat to tell Spike that the reason he left the meeting, was because he had been feeling a little green after devouring a bad cream donut and felt he needed to recover at home under a mountain of blankets and some much desired sleep. It was a pretty pathetic lie, but not by much, considering his stomach was indeed doing flip-flops with the way Spike was staring at him.

Spike flickered his eyes down to Xander's crotch and thoroughly licked his lips till they were wet and glossy. His eyes caught the minute twitch going on in Xander's trousers and he jerked his eyes back up to Xander's face. That fleeting look of lust on the boys face that had been quickly engulfed by the shocked expression of being caught, was all he needed to propel him into action.

Spike sauntered towards Xander, he was a startled doe caught in headlights...there was no doubt in his mind that Xander would indeed be his.

Xander backed away never once turning his back on the vampire making his way across the living room ... Spike was closing fast on his personal space. Deep down he knew Spike was just playing another one his petty mind fucks and he shouldn't bite, he should stand his ground but that sexy swing of hips, the swirl of black leather around Spike's legs as he wandered towards him, that amused smirk on slightly pouted lips, those pupils dilated and dark with lust ... it was all ... well it was all a little to hard to stand up against ...besides it scared the ever living shit out of him to even think of him and Spike together .

'' What are you really here for, Spike ? What do you want ? '' okay so it was a rather stupid question but he needed something to stop Spike staring at him like that ... just so he could get a reprieve, a little space, a breather ...he needed to think or perhaps a distraction so he could run for the bathroom and lock himself in there till Spike gave up.

Spike stopped and gazed up at the ceiling as if in deep thought , huge dramatic like sighs  '' Hmmmm let me see ... why am I here ... the answer would be - You . You are why I'm here '' and with incredible speed he appeared  in front of Xander gripping tightly onto his shoulders as he leaned in and whispered all soft like in his ear  '' and you are what I want '' he nipped at the lobe playfully then shoved Xander forward.

Xander hit the back of the couch and with the momentum toppled backwards over the couch , flipping completely over he landed on the floor with a solid thud...spread-eagled on his back glaring up at the vampire who was in fits of hysterics over the whole scene. He groaned at the pain as it made itself to his ass.


Spike had followed Xander home... it hadn't taken much effort to catch up to the boy as he scurried out of the store. Xander was actually lucky that he did bother to trail him home as several other vampires besides himself were attracted to Xander's scent ...terror had drifted off the boy in tantalising waves ...a sure vampire homing beacon. As many as three were dusted by Spike in the short distance it took for Xander to make it back to his apartment and the boy had no clue. How many goddamn years on the Hellmouth and Xander still walked around at night like nothing was going to eat him ...that infuriated him .

But now he found himself in quite the opposite mood ... he had backed the boy across his apartment . Who knew the kid was so very responsive to a little innocent suggestion. Xander had fallen right over the back of the couch and landed on his ass on the other side. Spike had inhaled a short breath in amusement at the expression on Xander's face . He was all flushed and quite delicious . Why he had never noticed the attraction before hand  he didn't know.



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