Virtually Immune - Spike/Xander.Nc-17 rating. My First piece of Slash fiction. Xander and Spike both disappear after Buffy sprinkles them with one of Willow's magical powders. Set in the 'Buffy-verse' this is ongoing and will be completed, I'm just damn slow about it... Eight parts so far.

Outta my Closet and at his Front Door - Spike/Xander SMUT Nc-17 rating. -frustration with a my hopeless server and no chocolate in the house...this is the result. Completed

Daisy - Spike/Xander. Nc-17 rating. A bit of Silliness....Wouldn't you like to be that Daisy? This was the result of some weird dream I had. No real plot just a moment in time. Completed

Impulse Decision - A challenge placed on Nummytreats (mailing list). My take on one authors bout with Road Rage turned into a challenge using characters from Buffy. Completed

Misdirection - Spike/Xander. Twisty Tale in Four Parts

Embedded Within (sequel to 'Misdirection') - Spike/Xander  ...more cliff-hangers then is absolutely necessary. ;-) Story is told in Sixteen Parts. This includes non-consensual sex plumajor character deaths. Completed

Outside the Boundaries - Spike/Xander/Angel pairing. Angel is back in town and things are ...changing. Told in Twelve Parts so far. Still writing this one.   (Part Ten beta'd by Alison Hawes).

Without benefit of Light  - very dark piece of fiction (my first)-set some years after the death of Buffy another city . A vampire guided by a higher power must hunt down and terminate a former Scooby. Wesley/?, other mentions of pairings must remain anonymous or it will ruin the story. Nc-17 rating. WARNING: Major character Deaths. Completed

Spanked - Spike/Xander Nc-17 rating. Xander has a naughty little dream while cat napping in a Scooby meeting. Strictly PWP.   

Ho Bloody Ho - Christmas antics. Nc17 rating. Multiple pairings from both BtVS and Angel.!! Just a bit of Christmas fun ... nothing taken too seriously. Three parts so far

The One Time - A Wesley/Angel PWP, nc-17 rating. The idea for this story came about from watching the season three episode "Waiting in the Wings".

To See beyond this Horizon (1-11)(12-20)(21-26)(27-30) - Spike/Xander, Nc17 rating . It was influenced by "Kate and Leopold' originally (but is in no way related). Summary: Xander is not in Kansas anymore. The story deals with 'time travel' and the theme is 'love everlasting'. There is a mention of major character death.  Completed

Hothouse Violet - Spike/Xander/Angel/Wesley with mentions of Giles/Angel & Giles/Xander, Nc17 rating. This is an answer to Sofy's Birthday Challenge. Pretty much PWP with a tiny plot that grew. Spoilers for 7th season BtVS & 4th season AtS. Part 2

Fall - Spike/Xander, Nc-17 rating. Based around what I say happened after (7x09) "Never Leave Me" This was started on New Years Eve 2002-03 while chatting with Bonster. A huge thank you and kisses to her encouragement and initial ideas. SUMMARY: Xander finds Spike after he's nabbed by the agents of 'the first' called 'Bringers'.  Part 3b) 

Intensity - Angel/Lindsey, Angel/Wesley. R- rating. The story continues from the last two minutes of "Angel' episode (4x15) "Orpheus" Originally written for list contest, but failed to complete in time...its a bit of silliness based around my snubbing of what the writers had made of the character 'Cordelia'.

Knowing the Beast - Spike/Xander, including some Xander/Andrew and others. Nc17 rating. Xander spirals into depression after he loses his eye. As exhaustion, stress and impending apocalypse bare down upon him, an evil once buried deep within... is finally able to be freed. Spoilers: 7th season final episodes. For Sarah who asked for fluffy S/X- ness but, got this instead. (sorry sweetie) She's the one who gave this story a title. Thank you hon, hope you like. Part Three).

Interrupted by Fate - Spike/Xander, including a little Wes/Angel. Nc17 rating. Written originally for "Rubywisp's Spander Inquisition". For Robin the Crossover Junkie who wanted : h/c and a happy ending. I would also like rimming, if possible. Lots of it. One thing you definitely *don't* want to see in your fic: erm...character bashing. Of anyone. Seriously. Preferred rating: NC-17.  Thanks: to tj goldstein...annoying that she is *grin* a lot of the ideas were hers.*smooch* and my two fabulous, brilliant betas (may stoop to kissing their feet, but they may run away in fright, so I'll resist) Eveline and J. L Dupre'.


 Lovelorn (aka The Round Robin from Hell. 'M-mSlashaholics mailinglist) - An insane (Nc-17) 'seriously smutty' Fest with multiple partners including Xander, Lindsey, Angel, Spike and Wesley. Multiple Authors- Eleven Parts so far.

 Keep on Dancing - Spike/Xander, Nc17. I placed a challenge on the 'm-mSlashaholics List' when I was stuck on a part of 'horizons' and desperately needed some smut. My fav song at the time was 'Hella good' from 'No Doubt' and I was listening to it incessantly. Wanted smut on a dance floor...after writing a little, I felt I needed help - Cimmer and Siege came to my rescue...oh I adore them to pieces , they rock. This is the result. WIP.





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