Buns Of Mild Steel

Two experiments to build a bicycle saddle that is perineum-friendly

The first is a saddle made from 2mm mild steel plate that is shaped to follow buttockaceous curves.
It's OK, but a little fussy to set up and could be bigger. Around about as comfortable as a standard
saddle, except there is no pressure to boy bits in the centre

The second is very comfortable, and I think more logical. No other (furniture) seat has the shape of
a bicycle saddle. So why not simply use a padded bar ? The difficulty with designing a bike seat is
that it must be comfortable when sitting and also when pedalling. So the shape needs to be
comfortable to sit on and allow the legs free movement, particularly the backs of the upper thighs

A round log is comfortable and easy to balance on (ignoring the phrase "simple as falling off a log"
for the moment), so that was what I chose to start off with. A 200mm x 3mm tough PVC water pipe is the
base of the seat. A 1/4 circumference 300mm wide is cut out. To this are attached 2 curved plates. Each
plate has two short bolts to go through the PVC and one longer bolt that is the angle adjustment

The stem of the seat is made from 25mm x 3mm angle and 3mm plate. It allows back-forward adjustment.
The long bolts from the PVC base go through the curved slots as the angle adjustment

Before the padding (10mm heavy felt and 10mm rubber underlay) is added, two sections are cut out of the
front of the PVC for leg comfort. Speakerbox vinyl is pop-rivetted onto the padding

If I could get some, I'd like to use the gel that the original Vetta saddle has. Although
the Vetta saddle is soft, it's still not quite the right shape