16F84A-P DIP RC Oscillator

This is a plot of RC frequencies at 5V, 20C. Values above 1M ohms follow the curve. They may be unreliable unless the RC area around the PIC is shielded. The capacitor value can be increased to larger values for slower clocks. Current for a non-SLEEPing PIC is a maximum of 3.5mA, but does not go below 540uA at any lower frequency

16F84A RC Osc

Actual measurements

22p 47p 100p 220p 470p 2k2 5.84M 3.74M 2.04M 1.10M 548k 3k3 5.32M 3.41M 1.77M 960k 480k 4k7 4.40M 2.62M 1.34M 759k 376k 10k 2.44M 1.49M 704k 396k 192k 22k 1.17M 724k 344k 192k 92k 39k 676k 416k 196k 112k 52k 100k 276k 172k 80k 44k 20k 220k 124k 77k 35k 20k 8.8k 470k 60k 37k 17k 9.6k 4.4k 1M 28k 18k 8k 4.4k 2k 1M5 18k 11k 5k 2.8k 1.3k 2M2 12k 7.6k 3k 1.88k 0.9k