"Miss Piggy" is her name, chasing horses is her game...

Miss Piggy is a rare Tamworth Pig who is destined to live a long and happy life in Auckland,
New Zealand.

Born sometime in the middle of 1996, and given to us at 5 months old, Miss Piggy and Studmuffin (as I called the boar) were supposed to be exported overseas but unfortunately the boar developed cataracts in his eyes and could not see clearly, so the order was cancelled.

Tamworths are on the rare and endangered list, which is the category for animals most at risk of extinction. Bruce and I both feel we are doing our bit towards the conservation of the species by selective breeding using unrelated breeding boars. There appears to have been a lot of inbreeding happening in New Zealand.

Miss Piggy's next litter is due in January 1998 and we are looking forward to watching her making her nest, (I believe it is like a huge birds nest). Our neighbours are keen to watch the birth, I have told them that they have the 12:00am to 2:00am shift.

Everybody should have one of these as a pet! All they require is regular feeding, plenty of fresh water and a good brush all over.

I believe Miss piggy is the only (soon to be) registered Tamworth Pig (that I know of) in New Zealand.

Mr & Mrs Piggy, aged 5 months, on their way to our place.

Click here for more pictures of the piglets...


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