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From the director May 1998



For most of us Kiwi-ites, Easter weekend means a well earned extra two days of extra special happenings. Time to visit the whanau, attend some hui or conference, maybe an unveiling back home on the marae or perhaps see the bro', sis', moko or cuzzy tie that magical knot. Celebrations, tears and much laughter will go long into the night....and day...and night. You know what I mean!

    Easter has become part of our culture. A national cultural festival according to a statement in the NZ Herald (Tuesday, April 7 1998). In fact, on these grounds, Kindergartens will allow crosses to be put back on hot cross buns. (within certain guidelines of course). Easter weekend Lotto has a 3 million dollar special...that's a lot of Easter eggs.. and you can bet your bottom dollar special Easter Services will be served up all weekend all over the country. I love Easter. For all the above reasons.. and more. You see, the real significance of Easter to me is that Jesus got involved in all of that stuff. I reckon that if he had chosen to be born somewhere 'round the late 60's early 70's, guess where we would find him on his long weekends? Imagine his "to do" list that week. 1)article into local rag about the kohanga hot-cross buns. 2)warrant for car for trip home..might need new tyres. 3)ring the bro' to let them know 6 of us coming home for weekend. 4)make sure there's heaps of kai to take. 5)buy wedding present for Girlie and lotto ticket for Koro. 6)check cost of ticket for show grounds. 7)check time for service on Sunday. 8)URGENT...collect money for trip from whanau on Wednesday (payday) before they blow it all. Two thousand years ago Jesus took on our humanness, lived for about 33 years, died, was buried and rose again. In doing so, he not only reconciled mankind back to God but also to his God given potential. Easter is about thirty three years of Jesus life, not just a three or four day long weekend. He longs to take on our humanness once again, to live in and through you and me, today, in our world, in our time, for all of our years and in all of our extra special weekends, hot-cross buns, Easter bunnies, National festivals and all.

Pupils at work

Pupils at work

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