Rhodesian Security Force Veterans

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I built this website as a result of situation that many Rhodesians found ourselves in - left the country of our birth and wanting to re-establish links with friends.  I also wish to preserve our history for future generations.  I strongly believe that our children and future generations should be able learn about the Rhodesian Bush War years in the same way that I learned about my father and my grandfather's exploits during WWI and WWII.

My life in Rhodesia was typical of my generation born in the late 1950's.  I left school and did National Service for 18 months with intake 152 at 1 and 4 (Indep) Coys.   Then it was a job in civvy street at the Cold Storage Commission in Marandellas for a year then back to the family farm all the time doing regular T/F call ups, of  6 weeks in and 6 weeks out.   These were with A Coy of the 4th Battalion Rhodesia Regiment (4RR) as well as being on call for follow ups to any farm attacks in the Marandellas area with the local Police Anti-terrorist Unit (PATU).

We left  in 1981 to start a new life in New Zealand.  Doing this broke all, bar a few, links with the people I grew up with.  The internet has changed all this.

This copper plaque below has a poem that sums up some of our feelings in the 1970's.  Some of it is still pertinent - right or wrong it was what we did and how we felt.

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