Rhodesian Security Force Veterans

This site is currently being re written to www.rhodesianservices.org  Please bear with me for the time being.

The purpose of this site is to provide a reference point, not only for those who served as members of the Rhodesian Security Forces who now live here in New Zealand, but also for all the other people who served and are now spread all around the world.  It will also be of use to those whose interests lie in preserving and researching the history behind men and women who will be remembered as some of the finest soldiers the world has seen.

Since the formation of the country, Rhodesians fought to protect their beliefs; from the Native Rebellions in the 1890's until 'Independence' was given to the Communist regime of Mugabe in 1980.  Rhodesians fought and died for what they believed in.

Rhodesians fought loyally, not only for their own country, but also for Britain, the country that finally betrayed us, in various wars and conflicts around the world.

Rhodesia was the first country to deploy troops in support of Britain in 1939.   Let this fact not be forgotten.

Let us also not forget the nursing staff who throughout Rhodesia's history helped mend and repair the broken bodies, their job was as traumatic as any soldier's.

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