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What We Do

We offer land transport for small groups (2-6 people, or more by arrangement) to anywhere in New Zealand

Emphasis on 'heritage' and 'eco' tourism (especially NZ birdlife, landscape interpretation, land use and maritime history)

'Bespoke' itineraries that are tailored and matched to your own special interests

Linkage with eco-operators throughout NZ with in-depth local knowledge

Assistance with ferry, accommodation, and special bookings

Easy style; unhurried schedules matched to your energy level (what ever!)

Accommodation/meal arrangements to your specification and budget

Self-drive option for part or all of your trip, if preferred

A perspective from 'inside' Aotearoa New Zealand

Our Objective

"To share our own enjoyment and knowledge of the natural world and cultural features of Aotearoa / New Zealand, by identifying the special interests of small groupings of clients (3-5 people) and by facilitating itineraries that are uniquely designed to cater to those interests and which meet their preferred ‘pace’ and budget."

Contact Information

If our tours or itinerary services appeal to you as a wonderful way to see the kind of things that interest you most, and also appeals to you as a real opportunity to experience New Zealand from the inside in a special and personal way, do please get in touch. We don't cost the earth!

Feel free to post us a letter, or send an Email message. We look forward to hearing from you.
Jim and Colleen.

[Jim has 36 years experience (USA, UK, NZ) in the natural-resource sciences with specialty in landscape analysis and catchment studies, wildland ecology, land inventory, soil science, agriculture, and hydrology. Additional interests include field ornithology, maritime history, and NZ history. Colleen is a Registered Nurse and has special interests in music, china painting, and golf. We have three adult sons.]

Postal address :   Great Places, P.O.Box 8711, Havelock North, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand
Electronic mail :   greatplaces@clear.net.nz

Colleen and Jim

Paterson Inlet, Stewart Island (Our View)

Last modified: January 2007