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Are you sick of losing money on lotto? Do you want to maximise your chances?

Then take a look at the facts on these pages. This is the result of years of personal research.

My Discoveries

Updated 30th September, 2000

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This program has been written for Windows 95/98 and uses the optimised lotto choosing method outlined on these web pages. Watch this space for its release.


Disclaimer: These pages are provided for entertainment only! The author makes no claim neither expressed nor implied about the accuracy of any information contained within these pages. The entire risk is yours.



Background to the New Zealand Lotto System

What are your chances of winning?

How is my approach different?

Why lucky numbers are really unlucky!!!

Proof that duplicates risk profits

How to choose your lotto numbers.





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Find out if you won the big one! The NZ lotto page gives you details on the winning numbers, lotto strike, and prize shares. You can also download a history of lotto results since draw 1! Updated shortly after the draw every Saturday.


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