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The time has come for change. A time for people everywhere to throw off the shackles of old fashioned technology. A time for the tyranny of the past to end. Linux is a high end solution for solving real world problems. Nevertheless it is available free from the internet. It is now considered by many as a viable alternative and contender to Windows NT or 95.


This is the place where it all starts. Documentation. Frequently asked questions. Media publications. Links to everywhere else. This is a great place to start for general information.
NZ Download Site
Clear Net provides a national archive. The distribution is RedHat.
Who is really running Microsoft?
Required reading. Articles written by Nicholas Petreley about the superiority of Linux over Windows NT. Nicholas writes with incredible clarity. His logical approach addresses the issues in plain speaking terms and is straight to the point. I am impressed with his style. I have read these articles again and again and now collect these. This is his first article.
The Last Ten Minutes - By Nicholas Petreley
Required reading. The last of his articles for this magazine. However he makes a powerful conclusion. Stirring stuff. Also links to all his other articles in the main text.

Brief Background to Linux

Linux is a free Operating System available for the PC Compatible using the Intel 80386 or higher processor. It is also available for other platforms including the Macintosh, Dec Alpha system and others.

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