Freeware Chinese Checkers Program

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Last Updated 25th January, 1998

Here is a freeware version of chinese checkers written in C. Because this is freeware please advise me of any bugs, suggested improvements and any other constructive comments. By doing so you will receive free upgrades, via the internet, if or when this program becomes shareware. It uses a graphical VGA playing board and the mouse is used for making moves. It now uses smart enough play that it has even taught me stuff about strategic play. (That is it is new stuff I didn't know before). This is because it incorporates artificial intelligence into its move making.

The Super VGA version should work with any of the following chipsets (see below). If you don't have a supported chipsets download the VGA version instead.
The size of both downloads is approximately 160 kb. Please read the README.TXT file inside the zipped files.

Supported Chipsets

Some people have advised me that they can't get this program to run on their Windows 95 or NT Turbo Charged Pentium with Mega-Mega memory capacity. On these machines they get out of memory errors, general protection faults, or unable to perform I/O mapping messages. I suspect this is a video card compatibility problem. Unfortunately, as I don't have unlimited resources and access to a multiplicity of video cards, I have not yet been able to determine the exact cause. So until I do please try the standard VGA graphics game instead. I have not heard any reports so far to say that it doesn't work. Sorry about the graphics quality though. If this doesn't fix it please let me know.

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