How We Work!

The Trust… 

The Trust consists of three working parties established to deal with the recommendations that arose within the workshops at the forum. These groups are looking at courses of change to enhance the role that fathers play in the lives of children.


Profile of Members and Volunteers in the Fathering the Future Trust


Garry Moore : Mayor of Christchurch


Dominic Flatley: Family Court Lawyer

Peter Townsend: Chief Executive of Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce

Kay O'Reilly: Teacher

Management Committee:

Peter Townsend: Chief Executive, Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce

Lyn Campbell: Children's Advocate, Christchurch City Council

Dominic Flatley: Family Court Lawyer


Trust Manager

Janine Rogers

Projects Co-ordinator

Alice Shannon

Office Administrator

Marie Munro


Working Party Members

Father Friendly Workplaces

Dave Margetts: Architect

Warren Haynes: Land Surveyor

Jennifer Cato: Parent Centre

Scott Mieras: Consultant for Sustainability


Fathers in Schools:

Steve Langley: Director of Enrolments, Hagley Community College

Keith Machin: Teacher, Rangi Ruru Girls School

Brent Andrews: Impress Promotions

Roger Hamilton: Glenelg Health Camp

Janine Rogers: Trust Manager

Alice Shannon: Manager’s Assistant


Fathers and Sport

Kevin Jennings: Principal, Kaiapoi High School

Brian Hays: Cashmere High School

Ian Penrose: Trust Bank Community Sports House.

Warwick Taylor: PE Teacher

Phil Holstein: Deputy Principal Riccarton High School

Janine Rogers: Trust Manager