Current projects we are working on…







A project of the Father Friendly Workplaces Working Party


The Newborn Kit for Fathers in the Workplace consists of information, support, and other fathers’ experiences, parental leave advice and hints to balancing work and family. 



·         To support fathers of newborns in the workplace

·         To bring more recognition of children and the need for involved fathers into the workplace 



Stage One:

·         To distribute the kit to fathers of new born in the workplace

·         To be distributed to the Human Resource Manager to have as part of EEO resources



The kit will be launched in conjunction with the Christchurch City Council and the Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce.

Through the Canterbury Employer’s Chamber of Commerce directory of Human Resource Practitioners will be contacted.

The Trust has a directory of businesses in Christchurch that will be approached on a weekly basis.  A target of 5 dads per week will be targeted.

We will also produce a letter for midwives, doctors and birthing centres to encourage fathers to contact us re the kit.


We intend to run an initial distribution amount of 3000 over one year. 






A project of the Fathers and Sport Working Party


Getting fathers supporting their children’s choices

 and sharing their children’s experiences” 




·         To encourage fathers to be more involved in their children’s sport in a way their child desires of them


·         To encourage fathers to support their children’s choice 


From March through to May 2000 a campaign aimed to encourage fathers to be more involved in their children’s sport is being run.  The junior sports of hockey, netball, league, rugby and soccer are being targeted.


On the 27th May 2000, a “Sideline Dad Day” will be held to celebrate and acknowledge the support that fathers offer their children in their sporting choices and the sharing of their experiences.  Top sports fathers of the respective sport will mingle with the fathers on the day.


To engage the fathers for this day we will distribute, via the clubs, information pertaining to the day and a contract for father and child to sign.  The contract will be a simple statement whereby the father states that he will support encourage and share their child’s experiences and that they will endeavour to attend the “Sideline Dad Day” on the 27th May 2000.


The Campaign comprises of posters, billboards and back of bus advertising, depicting images of fathers in supporting roles in sporting environments.  Stories of top sports people about their fathers impact in their sporting lives will be featured in newspapers and interviews will be conducted on radio, television and newspapers regarding the importance of fathers in the lives of children.




RESEARCH PROJECT:What helps and hinders fathers from being involved in the children’s schooling?”



To find out the following about fathers’ involvement in their children’s schooling:

·         How fathers are involved

·         How they would like to be involved

·         What stops them from getting involved

·         What would they change it they could




Stage One:

To survey 30 schools around the Christchurch area – each school three classes of different age.


To be covered in the sample:

·         Age range

·         Socio-economic

·         Gender

·         Private and Public schools


Janine and Alice will visit the schools and businesses to meet with guidance counsellors and human resource practitioners to inform them of what we are doing and why.


The results will be collated and analyzed and published into a report that will be sent to government agencies, schools, universities, early childcare centres and other agencies as identified.  We will release results of the survey to as many media outlets as possible.

This research will form the foundation for how the projects of this working party are formulated.