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Before operating any model
casually check to make sure 
no one else is watching first!

Then, with your key turned to the start position,
touch your cars
(The more sensitive among us may experience a
slight 'tingling' sensation while doing this.)

If that doesn't work - take off any gloves you are wearing
and/or slightly moisten your fingers before trying again!

(Operating a G-Spot with soaking wet fingers may
result in slightly more 'tingle' than is desirable.

Note: If a G-Spot is used to prevent the fuel injection process, by delaying
fuel injection for a few seconds before starting the engine, it should allow
for the oil to be more thoroughly distributed throughout the engine before
the firing process is initiated, potentially reducing engine wear.

Copyright July 30th, 2001, Daniel Davies
G-Spot was a Trademark of Daniel Davies (aka Daniel Morgan)
Manufacturing Rights as per my Instructional Animation Now Licensed 
to Students Attending an Educational Institution or Individuals in a Private Dwelling, 
Subject to My Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer All Other Rights Reserved

NZ Patent Application # 510157
Last Modified 14th May, 2011

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