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This product may not suit you or your vehicle - though rarely.

This product is designed for short term use in a suitably low enough resistive or inductive load, hence it's 'stand-alone' suitability for use in the Starting Solenoid circuit of negatively earthed vehicles.  It may also safely be used to operate a relay (or two) for the control of other loads.

It is not designed for use in vehicles where the driver is exposed to the weather e.g. motorbikes, open tractors, etc. although it may still function perfectly providing the 'sensing point' is somewhere where it stays dry.

WARNING!  This model is not designed to be installed in an environment exposed to prolonged and excessive heat.  If installing in the engine bay of a vehicle, care must be taken to ensure it is physically located as far away from the engine exhaust as possible.  It is not recommended that this product, using the heat-shrink tubing specified, be fitted in the engine bay of a high performance vehicle, especially if it is intended to be driven to it's limits. 

It is not much use if you're always wearing gloves either, as when installed it requires that your skin contacts both the G-Spot and the vehicles chassis, usually via the ignition key. 

As operating a G-Spot involves having a tiny amount of current flow through your body, if you're very sensitive you may feel a very slight tingling sensation when operating your G-Spot.  If you have a PACEMAKER or other life prolonging electronic apparatus fitted, please consult with the supplier before having a G-Spot fitted.

Please do not attempt to install this model G-Spot in your vehicle if it is POSITIVELY EARTHED or exhibits any of the following symptoms :-

    Your battery has difficulty maintaining a good charge.

    Your car is consistently very hard to start.

    The 'Park' or 'Neutral' safety switch contacts - automatic's only - are dirty, causing loss of power to the starting solenoid circuit.  This can cause 'chattering' of the starting solenoid during starting.  

If immediately after having a G-Spot fitted to the starting solenoid circuit, "chattering" of the starting solenoid is heard, the slight voltage drop across the G-Spot may mean that it is unsuitable for that model vehicle, or that it is exacerbating an existing condition. 

As this unit has only been tested in a limited range of the various vehicles available, please understand if for some reason your vehicle is not compatible with this product.

Basically, providing your vehicle is enclosed to the weather, negatively earthed and has a well maintained battery and electrical system, you should never experience any inconvenience with having a properly manufactured G-Spot fitted. 

If you experience difficulty in starting your car with a G-Spot fitted because :-

    The engine is turning over but it is not firing - please ensure that you rest the battery and starting system regularly between starting attempts.  This is standard procedure and will prolong the life of not only your G-Spot, but also your battery, starter motor and starting solenoid as well.

    If the G-Spot unit is not responding to your touch, please check that you are in contact with a suitable earth - usually the ignition key or lock itself - as well as your G-Spot and/or try giving your fingers lick!  Apart from that you may have to try and hot-wire it yourself!

Copyright July 30th, 2001, Daniel Davies
G-Spot was a Trademark of Daniel Davies (aka Daniel Morgan)
Manufacturing Rights as per my Instructional Animation Now Licensed 
to Students Attending an Educational Institution or Individuals in a Private Dwelling, 
Subject to My Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer All Other Rights Reserved

NZ Patent Application # 510157
Last Modified 14th May, 2011

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