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This design is supplied strictly on an as-is basis.

While I recognize that this product may not conform to the standards required by some insurance companies of VSIS immobilizers, the results of it's prolonged and reliable use in prototypes and the experiences as related in the testimonials, assures me, that this design, when correctly manufactured, tested and installed, reaches my standards.

I will not accept any responsibility, nor be held personally accountable or liable for any consequences, either real or perceived, detrimental or beneficial, resulting from your choosing to use any of the material published by me here, on this my 35th birthday, or thereafter.

Experience has shown that soon after having your G-Spot fitted, you may find it's operation becomes so unconscious to you that you forget to alert anyone servicing your vehicle to the presence or whereabouts of your vehicles G-Spot.  This can cause delays to the servicing of your vehicle and I will not be held responsible nor liable for any time wasted by mechanics or other service professionals due to the vehicles owner not informing them of the location or presence of their vehicles G-Spot.

Yours truthfully,

Daniel Davies,
aka Daniel Morgan


Copyright July 30th, 2001, Daniel Davies
G-Spot was a Trademark of Daniel Davies (aka Daniel Morgan)
Manufacturing Rights as per my Instructional Animation Now Licensed 
to Students Attending an Educational Institution or Individuals in a Private Dwelling, 
Subject to My Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer All Other Rights Reserved

NZ Patent Application # 510157
Last Modified 14th May, 2011

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