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What is a G-Spot?

Automotive security at your fingertips!

It is quite possibly the smallest, simplest,
and easiest to make, install and
operate, form of vehicle immobilizer.

It prevents the engine from starting
until your vehicles
G-Spot  ;)
is physically touched
at the same time as
the key is held in
the 'Start' position.

A G-Spot

Turn the Tables on Car Thieves

It is also weather and vibration resistant
and can prevent your vehicle being stolen
if the 'thief' has your keys!
See Testimonials.

Plus, with the right parts you can create one yourself!

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Copyright July 30th, 2001, Daniel Davies
G-Spot was a Trademark of Daniel Davies (aka Daniel Morgan)
Manufacturing Rights as per my Instructional Animation Now Licensed 
to Students Attending an Educational Institution or Individuals in a Private Dwelling, 
Subject to My Terms & Conditions and Disclaimer All Other Rights Reserved

NZ Patent Application # 510157
Last Modified 14th May, 2011

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