Workers, Join Your Party!

The aim of the Communist Party is the revolutionary overthrow of the New Zealand capitalist class and its replacement with a government of workers; socialism and finally communism.

Every political party defends the interest of one class or another in society. On all questions, in every battle, our Party defends the interests of the working class, and works to prepare its victory over the capitalists. It is made up those men and women who are most conscious of the need to fight, the most determined to fight for the liberation of their whole class and of all the oppressed people and oppressed nationalities.

The Party’s role is to educate, organise and mobilise the working class. The Party is the organisation that can orient the struggle of the entire class. It can bring an overall perspective to each branch of the workers’ movement and unite all the isolated battles into one powerful revolutionary storm. The Party can raise the spontaneous anger of the workers to the level of conscious political struggle to put an end to this criminal system. In this sense, the revolutionary communist party is the vanguard of the working class.

Our Party is Based on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism

Our Party bases itself firmly on the revolutionary theory of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism; the world view of dialectical and historical materialism.

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is the ideology of the working class. Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao Zedong were the greatest leaders and educators of the international revolutionary workers’ movement. They developed this theory by summing up the experience of the great storms of revolution of the past hundred and fifty years.

Marxism-Leninism shows how the working class is exploited by the capitalist class; why capitalism must be overthrown and replaced by socialism and communism; and how the proletariat must fight to realize these goals. This theory provides the essential tools workers need to orient the struggle for their emancipation.

Tested and deepened in revolutionary battles around the world, Marxism-Leninism has shown its worth. For it was under the leadership of parties armed with this powerful weapon that people in Russia, China, Korea, and Vietnam, more than a quarter of the world’s population won their freedom from capitalism. It was with the aid of Marxism-Leninism that our own Party was able to understand the nature of the revolution in Aotearoa and to chart the course forward for the workers of Aotearoa.

To defend this essential arm of the working class, our Party struggles firmly against all opportunist deviations and distortions of the teaching of Marxism-Leninism, in particular against modern revisionism, which led to the betrayal of the Russian and Chinese revolutions. Marxism-Leninism grew and was tempered in the heat of the struggle against opportunism. We fight to defend the revolutionary line and maintain our vigilance against opportunist influence within our own ranks.

Our Party is one of the many Marxism-Leninist communist parties in various countries around the world. We are for the unity of the international communist movement on the basis of proletarian internationalism and our common struggle to defend Marxism-Leninism against revisionism. We stand in solidarity with the just struggles of all the workers and oppressed nations. We stand for the total destruction of imperialism.

We Defend the Immediate and Long-Term Interest of the Working Class

Our Party defends both the immediate and long-term interest of the working class.

In workplaces and communities, we struggle daily to improve the lot of the working people and oppose every manifestation of oppression. We build the fight-back against the capitalist crisis. Battling on both economic and political fronts, we strive to improve the economic situation of the masses, to defend the democratic rights of the working people and oppressed nationalities and oppose all the reactionary policies of the capitalists.

Through the struggle for immediate demands and reforms, we aim to strengthen the fighting capacity of workers for the decisive battles of tomorrow, and to develop their revolutionary consciousness. The reformists, like the Labour and Alliance party leaders, talk of reforms in order to lull the workers’ movement into passivity, by placating it with a few crumbs and the illusion of improving capitalism.

Our Party takes up immediate struggles with its final revolutionary goals at heart.

Communist Education

One of the primary tasks of the Party is the political education of the working class. Through our communist agitation and propaganda we explain the true nature of the system that oppresses workers, and the need for socialist revolution. Our task is to bring class consciousness to the working class – the understanding of workers’ historic mission.

In the initial period of the Party’s development, while we are striving to win the most advanced stratum of the working class to socialism, this communist agitation and propaganda is our principal task.

As we carry out our revolutionary education in the heart of the class battles against the capitalists, we strengthen and consolidate our Party, winning ever more workers to our cause. Each new worker who joins our ranks takes up the call and fights to bring the revolutionary theory of Marxism-Leninism to their work mates. Thus our Party grows and becomes better able to lead the masses in broad struggles and finally to overthrow the capitalists.

Our Party Engages in Many Forms of Struggle

The working class struggle against its enemies takes many forms because the capitalists’ exploitation itself takes many forms.

Our Party must take part in and begin mass movements, such as strikes and demonstrations, in order to unite workers against the ruling class. We wage political campaigns to orient the struggle against the capitalists and their state. We work among the many oppressed strata of the population, thus building a broad revolutionary united front of the people of Aotearoa against capitalism.

Our Party will also use the forum presented by capitalist elections and parliaments to expose the corrupt nature of these institutions. We will use them as a tribune to denounce the injustice of the existing social order and urge the workers on in their fight. But we can never spread the illusion that it is through elections that socialism can be won.

Of all the forms of struggle, only armed struggle will be decisive. For, if there is only one lesson of history, it is that only with arms in hand that workers can take and hold state power.

While our Party works openly and makes itself widely known, we also protect the identity of many members and the organisation’s inner structures. This is necessary to ensure that the Party will continue to lead the working class struggle forward even in times of great repression.

In the past the capitalist class has not hesitated to ban communist activity in Aotearoa and we must be prepared for any eventuality. We will never stop fighting for revolution simply because the bosses declare our Party illegal.

Our Party is based in the Workplace

To better lead the class struggle, the members of the Party are organised in workplace collectives. The workplace collective is the basic organisation of our Party and is made up of the communist workers in each plant. Its task is to direct the Party’s activity in that area.

The collective members meet regularly to discuss and analyse the situation in their workplace, orient the struggles of the workers and the Party’s activity in the union and plan their educational work. The collective also strengthens its work by studying revolutionary theory, and contributes to the Party’s overall direction.

Other members belong to neighbourhood collectives that direct work in a specific community.

Organising on the basis of workplace collectives allows us to be close to the workers’ daily battles, and in a strategic position, at the point of production, to strike or paralyze our class enemy at the crucial moment of armed insurrection.

It contrasts sharply with the capitalist parties which are organised by electorates. All they want is to get elected to seats in Parliament.

Democratic Centralism

The Party works on the basis of democratic centralism. It is through free and democratic discussions among all members that the Party’s policies are adopted and its leaders are picked. At the same time, centralism assures that the Party has one united leadership and a single line of march. It guarantees that once a course of action is decided upon, all members will pursue it vigorously. Democratic centralism guarantees both the freedom of debate and criticism for all Party members and the steel-like unity needed to defeat the class enemy.

The Party Constitution lays down the basic rules of the Party’s internal life. The regular Congress of delegates from all over the country is the Party’s highest body. Between Congresses, the Central Committee, which is elected by members at the Congress, leads the Party in its work. The Central Committee is composed of our most experienced and dedicated militants.

Linking theory with practice, applying the mass line, and criticism and self-criticism are constant features of our work style.

We need to learn from the experiences and criticisms of the masses. Our Party is therefore always ready to recognise its errors and correct them.

Workers, Join Your Party!

Workers, rally to your Party! Join our ranks and take up the battle for a socialist Aotearoa.

Join with us to put an end to injustice, to do away with this decaying capitalist system.

The Communist Party is the only one to represent the interest of the working class. It is the party that defends the cause of all the working people and the oppressed nationalities. Our Party carries forward the best fighting traditions of the working class of Aotearoa.

Our cause is a just cause. It is the cause of all those who are exploited and oppressed by capitalism.

It is the cause of the liberation of all humanity.

Workers, join your Party!

Fight to make socialist revolution in Aotearoa!

Workers of the world, oppressed peoples and nations, unite!