Cowgirl Productions needed more hands-on production experience. Nathan Pohio needed a Producer.

Funded by Creative New Zealand , directed by Nathan Pohio , produced by Gillian Ashurst and Vanessa Sheldrick.

A 45 minute TV documentary on one of New Zealand's most unusual performance artists.

  Ritchie Venus is a shimmering light from a not so distant past, a time of transistor radios and little ice boxes in the top corner of refrigerators. He has been making music and movies since the mid sixties, and his work demonstrates a belief in the potency of the individual in a time of obsessive media degeneration. Ritchie holds a PhD in American Studies, his thesis was on Hollywood's treatment of American Indians.

Nathan Pohio has been involved with the Christchurch film scene since 1990. His dedication to filmmaking has seen many film projects through, both for himself, his contemporaries, and his Maori heritage, Ngai Tahu. Nathan completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film at the University of Canterbury in 1998. The Ritchie Venus documentary is Nathan's first work outside the institutional cocoon and carries on his obsession with (among others) pop oriented performance art and the artifice of cinema.

John Cristoffels is synonymous with film making in Christchurch. John is an independant film maker who has gained recognition from within New Zealand and around the world. In addition to running the Christchurch Film Society and making films, John works as a professional DOP in the South Island industrial and independant film scenes. His commitment to making films in Christchurch has earned him admiration from many people. John's films are well respected works that enlighten and enhance ones understanding of life and cinema.

Tim Brott graduated from the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts in 1998, majoring in film. Tim has been working successfully as an independant sound recordist and sound designer. He has been involved in many successful projects in the Christchurch film scene. Tim's expertise has been highly regarded in the professional industry and the independant scene.