Gillian Ashurst is a small gal with a big vision... who likes to play on the edge of reality.

She has a varied multi-media background, including creative writing, journalism, artwork, design and digital editing.

Gillian graduated from Canterbury University in 1991, with a degree in philosophy - leaving her qualified to sit on a hill and think about life. These thoughts led her to London, where she gained a more useful diploma in journalism.

The next five years were spent travelling the world and "collecting stories" gonzo style for various magazines.

By 1996 the printed word was no longer enough, and Gillian took a career turn, attending the New Zealand Film and Television Training School. Her student film, Confessions of a Latter Day Slut, gained recognition from video festivals throughout New Zealand and the USA.

Upon graduating, Gillian gained funding to make Venus Blue. The film was completed in June 1998, and was officially selected for the 1999 Sundance Film Festival.

Gillian is currently in post-production on her first feature film, Snakeskin - she has two more feature scripts in development.



Vanessa has a strong awareness of the big picture and is focussed to drive a film to its completion. She has an artistic background, giving her an insight into the creative process and an enthusiasm to support and encourage the director's vision.

Vanessa graduated from Canterbury University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 1991. She majored in art history. Like Gillian, Vanessa then travelled abroad for several years, gaining valuable life experience and skills that would later be relevant to film production.

Vanessa graduated from the New Zealand Film and Television Training School in 1996. She then spent two years working as an Assistant Director on the popular television series, Xena. Here she has gained valuable insight into the day to day running of a film production.

Vanessa has been involved in all of Gillian's short films, as both Producer and Associate Producer. Vanessa was particularly responsible for the fund raising and sponsorship deals which helped to give Venus Blue such high production values on such a low budget.