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Carey’s software

This page was supposed to have all the free software I’ve written on it, for anyone to download. Unfortunately, I haven’t actually done much work on software recently. If you’re looking for something else I wrote years ago, please email me.

Released software

Python fcrypt

I’ve written a pure Python implementation of the Unix crypt(3) algorithm, and packaged it with Distutils and with doc strings for pydoc and doctest. Download it here: fcrypt-1.3.1.tar.gz (11K). This is based on Eric A. Young’s optimised fcrypt code, which was written in C.

There are some known problems with this version:

In view of the preceding points, and the low security provided by the DES-based password hashing algorithm, I recommend that you use michal j wallace’s md5crypt unless you really need compatibility with other software using the same algorithm. In a future version, I may try to provide MD5-based hashing in addition to the current algorithm.

Obsolete and experimental software

My File::Sync Perl module has been superseded by the sync method in the standard IO::Handle module, but you can still download it here: File-Sync-0.09.tar.gz (4K).

I’ve also got some sample Python code to access CDROMs.

Other work

I’ve also worked on a free tn5250 terminal emulator for Unix and Windows, mainly writing documentation, and maintaining the Debian tn5250 package.