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Carey’s web pages!

Getting Married!

Yes! As of Wednesday 24 March, I’m engaged to Katrina. Before you ask, we don’t know when the wedding will be, but there’s a good chance it will be in December this year.

See for more information.

My Web Pages

The obligatory collection of web sites I visit a lot.
About me, my pages, and everything
A little more information I’ve written about myself, and these web pages.
A small collection of software I’ve written and put on the web for anyone to download. Really only interesting for the computer people out there, wherever they are.
The same again — a collection of documentation about various technical subjects.
Journal, diary or weblog
I was trying to write about my life before the word “blog” was coined. I’ve had about as much success as most people, too.

As well as those pages, I also have my PGP and GnuPG keys available to download, and a collection of question and answers from the Internet Oracle.

Old News

Mon, 19 January 2004

With another holiday comes another burst of updates. The pages themselves are now using more up-to-date standards, and the software that builds them works again. It’s still no easier to make changes, though.

Shortly after I last updated these pages, nearly two years ago, I started seeing a wonderful woman named Katrina, and we’ve been together since then. The combination of the two of us hasn’t been good for our maturity, but we’re able to put up a convincing facsimile in public, and who needs sanity anyway?

I’m still working for Pacific Retail. For most of the past two years I’ve been at work on the code behind the Noel Leeming website, but when I go back to work I’ll be starting to work on other internal web applications written as Java servlets.

The big project for my own time is to work on my current website to update the design and layout, and make it much easier to update. I’m considering some of the following for the redesign:

Wed, 21 January 2004

I’ve updated the remainder of my pages, changing current to past tense and removing writing that was out of date. Now I can start work on the new design ideas above. I might just want to go over my diary pages a bit and see if I’m happy to leave them as they are.

I didn’t mention it above, but I’m planning on getting my own domain name for the new design. I’ve got a few ideas but nothing concrete.

Thu, 29 January 2004

I’m supporting Paul H. Henry’s mission to rid the world of joke haiku (more correctly senryu):


I do prefer the double dactyl to the limerick as an alternative.

In other news, all the construction work on my new bathroom from Showerwell has finished, so I have a nice new shower and vanity, a huge mirror and lots more cupboard space. Wait and see how long it takes me to get it painted...

Tue, 3 February 2004

I’ve got a new job title at work, in addition to my current “senior Java analyst/programmer” position, which acknowledges what I’ve been doing anyway. I’m now an “I.T. architect,” which means I know all about all different kinds of commercial, proprietary and Free/Libre/Open Source Software, and maybe more importantly that I can generally be trusted to make the right decisions about which software the business should be using. Unfortunately this will probably sometimes be the proprietary choice, but it’s generally easier to make the case for something if we don’t have to pay for it.

Wed, 4 February 2004

In the course of putting together the very simple preceding entry, a day after its title claims, I forgot what I was going to write about here. This suggests that I’d keep things much more up to date if they were powered by simple weblog software.

Mon, 25 February 2002

Cheap shot: if the “traditional family” is so important to some members of the U.S. government that they’re going to amend their country’s constitution to only allow marriage between a man and a woman, where’s the amendment outlawing divorce?