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Whats New in the Asylum ?


19/04/98 - Added Site Map

19/04/98 - Added page with some photo's of our trip to Melbourne check it out

18/04/98 - Added search forms to all games pages, few other minor cosmetic changes

01/02/98 - Got Bored !!!, complete site re-write

31/12/97 - Received a GraphX Kingdom Select Site Award

30/12/97 - Received an Mnet World Gold Site Award

27/12/97 - Playing around again, I've added a CDF (channel definition) to the mainpage, now those lucky enuf to be using MSIE4.x can have this page downloaded straight to their desktop to keep up with whats new.

27/12/97 - Guestbook is back online, thanks to Dreambook.com for providing.

26/12/97 - Added a link to my mirror site at Geocities (although chances are this site won't be updated as often as the primary on ClearNet).

26/12/97 - Added this Whats New section to the mainpage.

19/12/97 Added NZ Hyperlink banners to all pages, I know a lot of people get annoyed with banners all over pages, but this really is a great FREE service for advertising pages and getting your hit counter chugging over.  NZ Hyperlink only allows NZ related sites to use their service too !

1/12/97 - Removed CGI scripts (form2mail etc) from Genealogy and Guestbook pages as the provider I was using seems to have fallen into a black hole.

Page last updated April 19, 1998


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