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For those of you who are interested, here's a list of the Software I used to create this site :

Paint Shop Pro MS Image Composer
MS Picture It 2.0 (Trial) MS Frontpage 98
MS Word 97 MS Internet Explorer 4.0

If you're using MS FrontPage, make sure you download the Microsoft Web Publishing Wizard as well.  This makes life a lot easier when you go to publish your pages on the Web. The Wizard also comes with Office 97 if you have the Web editing components installed.

TIP: When publishing to ClearNet Personal Pages using the MS Wizard use  as the URL, but DO NOT enter a directory path.  It seems that when the FTP session is established using your userid/password, your transfers are automatically redirected to your directory (i.e Pages/Brangwyn in my case).  This had me confused for a while until I werked it out.  If I get some time I might put some screen shots up to show you how to do it.

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