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Magic The Gathering is the PC version of the extremely popular card based game of the same name created by Wizards of the Coast. There are currently two different companies making a PC version. The first is Acclaim Software with their Magic The Gathering: Battlemage, and the second made by Microprose is just called Magic The Gathering.  Personally, I recommend the Microprose version for new comers to the game simply because it is a turn based game rather than Acclaim's which is real-time. If you do not know what you're doing in this game you will get very frustrated with the real-time version. Also, the Microprose game has an excellent tutorial which takes you through the various types of cards in the deck and their unique attributes. According to the Microprose web site there are a couple of add-on packs being released in the very near future, one of these will include an Internet gaming add-on to allow you to play against others. This is the one feature that annoyed me about the game, you are limited to playing computer opponents only, and of course they are limited to the amount of AI (artificial intelligence) coded into them. Having said this though, Microprose have done a pretty good job with the AI especially if you are running the latest game patch (V1.25)

The first of the new packs is called Spells of The Ancients and features cards from the Unlimited™, Arabian Nights®, and Antiquities® sets. Some of the new features include :

143 new cards. Tap the power of rare cards from the Unlimited™, Arabian Nights® and Antiquities® sets, including multicoloured lands!
Sealed Deck Generator. Face the AI in a sealed-deck tournament using dynamically generated virtual starters and boosters.
Newer, deadlier AI decks. Target the enhanced computer AI with 60 new prebuilt decks optimised to make the most of the new cards.
New Face Builder Feature. Personalise your wizardly image with the Face Builder utility.
Loads of improvements. Tougher AI. A new, animated interface. An improved Deck Builder. Even more detailed help.

The second pack, Duels of the Planeswalkers, includes the original MTG game plus Manalink (this is the new internet and multiplayer add-on).  The internet playing will be similar to Blizzard's Battle-net, and there will be no charges for using the game server. For information on the new Internet play check out Magic: The Gathering Online. The Manalink software will be made available for download to owners of the original MTG, but it will not be available until several weeks after the release of MTG Duels. This is to make those who rush out and buy the game just that little bit special!  Information on downloading Manalink can be found here. - Note the Manalink software is now available and can be downloaded by using one of the above links.

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