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Well I'm a bit of a hardware buff and like to keep up with all the latest gizmos. Over the last couple of years I've also started repairing and rebuilding older PCs (in fact I think at one stage I had 40+ machines in pieces all over the house, or at least what was left of the house). In more recent times I've given up on the repairing side of things, and managed to reclaim most of the house back, but I still find time to help friends out with upgrades or advice.

For now here are some useful links to various hardware/software vendors and a great informative web page.

Site Name URL Description
Tom's Hardware Guide http://sysdoc.pair.com Probably one of the most informative pages on the web. Information can be found here on virtually everything, and there are also comprehensive benchmarking results on Motherboards, Video Cards and CPU's

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Teleware Distributors Limited http://www.teleware.co.nz Teleware Distributors has been trading since April 1993, supplying product and technical services to military, commercial, industrial, educational, private and government sectors. If you're like me and prefer to put your PCs together yourself, or you're just looking for a new Hard Drive, I reccomend you vist TDL for some of the best prices and service in NZ.

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Quay Computers http://www.quay.co.nz Quay Computers is a local Wellington based retailer. Generally I've found them to be fairly competive price wise and quite regularly have some real bargains
Dick Smith Electronics http://www.dse.co.nz Well it had to happen didn't it !

If you're living in the Australia/New Zealand area then you'll know all about DSE. For those who don't, Dick Smith is an Electronics retailer with shops in most New Zealand and Australian cities. Dick Smith himself is also well known for his various epic flights around the world in all manner of aircraft.


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