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sheba.jpg (12418 bytes)So you want to know a little more about Brangwyn huh?  ....Well heres a few bits of useless info about myself, and a few free pictures of my dog Sheba (sorry no free steak knives on these web pages).  I'm 27 and was born in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand (middle of the East Coast of the North Island).  After finishing school in 1988 I started werk at Westpac Banking Corp. as a Customer Services Officer (flash title that really means JUNIOR) anyway, I joined in the hopes of getting into the bank's I.T. department but this was slow in coming so one day on the off chance I called Databank Systems, and was working there two weeks later as a Trainee Computer Operator.  As luck would have it though, Databank was about to have a major restructure and announced they would be closing down their Hastings Network Centre within 12 months.

sheba1.jpg (11156 bytes)Fortunately for me Databank was running what was called a Trainee Programmer scheme in Wellington a few months later, so I applied for this, and was lucky enough to be accepted along with a dozen others.  This was around 1991 and I then had to shift down to Wellington to start my training.  For the next couple of years I worked for Databank as a Programmer, Analyst and Team Leader.  My current job title is Project Manager and I manage a team of 7 programmers as part of a Payment Services department at EDS (New Zealand) Ltd.

Oh yeah around '94 - '95  Databank Systems Limited was brought by theeds.jpg (3636 bytes) multi-national U.S company EDS.   This has brought a lot of change on for us working there, but on the whole most changes have been for the better.

Heres a more recent photo of myself, taken at my sisters wedding (I'm the handsome looking bloke on the left !).

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If anyone is interested in offering me a nice well paid job in the I.T industry as either a Programmer, or Project Manager, please feel free to email me and request my C.V.  I hope to have this online soon anyway.

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