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The Practice of Jesus
Comments on the readings for Sundays and holy days of the year of Luke



Pentecost Sunday
19th May 2013

Ascension Sunday
12th May 2013

6th Sunday of Easter
5th May 2013

5th Sunday of Easter
28th April 2013

Anzac Day
25th April 2013

4th Sunday of Easter
21st April 2013

3rd Sunday of Easter
14th April 2013

2nd Sunday of Easter
7th April 2013

Easter Sunday
31st March 2013


The Texts


The texts for the Sunday or holy day readings can be found by left-clicking the links in the column above.
Select the reading and click on the text-link.
A new window will appear with the text of the reading in the left column.


The New American Bible (NAB) has useful footnotes that clarify the readings.  The NAB readings are at... more >>
The NAB version of the readings for daily Mass can be found at:

Other Text Links

The Text this Week - a comprehensive weekly collection of links to Sunday commentaries from various traditions by Janee Woodard... more >>

Comments - a commentary on the current Sunday readings by Chris Halsam... more >>

Lectionary Resources a range of preaching resources by Sil Galvan - by subscription. Also has an extensive list of links... more >>

Mark Goodacre's New Testament Gateway - directory of internet resources on the New Testament scriptures... more >>

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The Commentator

Bill Fletcher - a priest of the Diocese of Auckland. His interests include: scripture, action-research into affordable housing and tramping.

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Last updated:
14th May 2013
© Bill Fletcher 2013

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Pentecost - The birth of the Christian Church! . . , more >>

Ascension of the Lord - The absence of Someone who is alive! . . , more >>

6th Sun Easter - Keeping Jesus' Word is proof of true discipleship: . . , more >>

5th Sun Easter - 'I give a new command; love oneanother as I loved you'. . , more >>

Anzac Day Commemoration - We will remember our war dead! . . , more >>

4th Sun Easter - 'I am the good shepherd; I know my own & mine know Me'. . , more >>

3rd Sun Easter - Believing the Resurrection is the preaching core: . . , more >>

2nd Sun Easter - Blessed those who have not seen; yet believe! . . , more >>

Easter Sunday - The Resurrection of the Lord: . . , more >>


More about
the Liturgy Resource

The opening section in each of the resources suggests a focus for the community's gathering. The final section:.. more >>

Other Liturgical Links


Another New Zealand liturgy preparation site - with an Anglican flavour:.. more >>


St.Louis University site: general resources to prepare Sunday liturgy:... more >>


The Season of Creation; celebrated on the four Sundays of September preceding St.Francis' Day.  Norman Habel:... more >>

These Resources
& the Catechumenate

The theme throughout these resources is deepening our commitment as disciples of Jesus. To help new-comers prepare for discipleship an all-of-parish catechumenate approach:... more >>


Saint Luke

The Text This Week, by Jenee Woodard offers a comprehensive and well-organized index to resources on the web for the Gospel of Luke. Includes general resources and a scripture index:... more >>

The Season of Lent

Recommendations for using the Lectio Divina method for the Lenten gospel, with comments to help preparing for this exercise:.. more >>

Lenten Reconciliations

Suggested orders of service for Reconciliation during the lenten season: based on previous Sunday's gospel reading as the focus of an 'examen' of our performance as a disciple of Jesus:.. more >>

The Year of Luke

Some general comments about the perspective of this commentary on the Sunday readings for the Year of Luke:.. more >>

Shared Liturgical

The Eucharist can take place only when believers are gathered together in the name of Christ and in the power of the Spirit. Sharing leadership in the gathering; praying with; and missioning those who gather... more >>

Prayers of Intercession

Inviting people in the congregation to offer their own Prayers of Intercession requires organization to some extent beforehand.  In each Liturgy Resources section, sample prayers of petition focus on our present human needs in the light of the scriptural theme... more >>

The God to whom we pray. A reflection on Prayers of Petition and the work of community... more >>

Imaging Newness

A general introduction to the commentaries. We are most profoundly changed by the offer of new images of God, the world, our neighbourhood and our own self... more >>


Sacred Space

Sacred Space - guided daily prayer... more >>

Josephite Sisters

Resources for putting into practise Mary MacKillop's motto: "Never see a need without doing something about it"... more >>

Catholic Worker

Catholic Worker Movement - Links to groups, organizations and resources that are committed to working for peace and justice for all... more >>

The Environment

Thomas Berry

An introduction to Thomas Berry - Geologian. Berry died on the 1 June 2009 at age 94:... For a summary of Berry's life more >> Also: more >>

General Links

Auckland Catholic Tramping Club: with good companions, exploring the giftedness of God's wilderness places... more >>


& Society

Précis of Benedict XVI's Encyclical Letter Caritas in Veritate (Charity in Truth) written by Jim Hug, S.J.. A roadmap that identifies the central messages in the Encyclical:... more >>

Some notes on aspects of the Sacrament of Penance (Reconciliation). The feast of Ss. Peter and Paul, apostles celebrates the successful completion of Jesus' apprenticing of disciples. By allowing for our future reconciliation to their performance standards, we begin to understand the important role of the sacrament of Penance in honestly assessing our own performance:... more >>

The mystery of the holy Trinity and our role in extending the reigning of the Triune God in partnership as revealed by Jesus:... more >>


passive house

The Passive House - Just Housing Trust's submission to New Zealand's Affordable Housing Inquiry - towards a unitary housing policy... more >>

eco-cube house

eco-cube house

A talk presented to a practical theology conference in Auckland, NZ, about the provision of affordable housing: as a mechanism for equity and engagement... more >>

A review of the provision of affordable housing in Auckland (1999- 2049) by the Just Housing Foundation. A vision of the steps towards an inclusive society using housing measures to allow householders to accumulate assets... more >>

About the ability of community based housing organisations to contribute to the delivery of affordable housing for those whom the market has excluded... more >>
Appendices on the housing policies of NZ's political parties summarised; a fresh approach to asset accumulation, and a table showing the increase of property values in New Zealand... more >>
A critical path diagram of the process allowing householders to accumulate housing credits... more >>

Justice Links

Centre of Concern: relates Sunday texts to Catholic social teachings... more >>

Pax Christi

Pax Christi strives to create a world that reflects the Peace of Christ by exploring, articulating & witnessing to the call of Christian non violence.  Pax Christi International... more >>
Pax Christi - USA... more >>

Sojourners - a Christian ministry with the mission to proclaim and practise the biblical call to integrate spiritual renewal with social justice... more >>

The Oklahoma City Catholic Worker - Robert Waldrop's social justice resource pages... more >>


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