harlotte Mulligan


Lower Hutt

Hi There. Welcome to my Home Page.
My name is Charlotte.

I am nine years old, (and a bit of a Web )

I go to school in Lower Hutt. My teacher is Mrs Wren. I am in Year 4 at School. Our class has Year 3 and Year 4 pupils.

We have two cats called Tiffany and Goldie.

We also have a fish called Dot. When I took Dot to School earlier in the year she won the prize for 'Most Colourful Pet'.

I enjoy skating a lot, which I do on Mrs Gibbons' drive next door, because it is smoother than our drive. (Mrs Gibbons is also my speech teacher.) My best friends are Anna Williams and Christina Herrington. Christina lives just around the corner and down the road, unlike Anna who lives in
Napier, so I don't see her very often.

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me at: b.mulligan@clear.net.nz

Last Updated: 15 January 1998