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More than 4 years involvement in Electronic Commerce developments has given me considerable understanding of the principles and practices of Electronic Commerce. I also have an in-depth understanding of the difficulties and challenges of developing the tools and capabilities within an organisation.

Nonetheless I remain committed to the widespread development of business to business to electronic transactions. I see significant benefits for all parties when businesses are able to translate standard transactions into an electronic form. My experience, involvement, and contacts gives me a significant edge in understanding how this can be achieved.

My involvement in New Zealand Electronic Commerce, presentations on their behalf and for Tranz Rail have given me a profile within both the wider business and IT sectors.

Personal Attributes

I enjoy working as part of a Team, especially where that Team has a tightly focused goal and clear objectives. I have the ability to work with a wide range of people of diverse backgrounds and capabilities, and to meld them into an effective, goal-oriented Team.

I have well-developed communication skills, both written and oral. In particular, I am able to convey technical information and concepts to non-technical audiences. This has been of assistance in dealing with customers (both internal and external), at management level, as well as in the melding of teams of diverse staff for the achievement of specific goals.

I also possess good analytical skills, with an ability to think both clearly and creatively, not being locked into a narrow set of technical pre-conceptions.

When not working, I find relaxation in family pursuits, especially my children, in reading (with a bias in favour of New Zealand History - my degree Major), and in genealogical research. I am also a keen follower of New Zealand's sporting prowess.


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