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Employment History

Employment Experience:- Information Technology Experience

Since joining Tranz Rail Ltd I have worked for the Information Technology group, known variously as Information Services, Railtechnology, and, currently, Business Services Group. Within this group, I have been a member of teams responsible for Applications development and implementation.

My role now is as our Electronic Commerce specialist.

Marketing Focus Prime responsibility for liaising with customers, acting as a Consultant to Tranz Rail's sales force specialising in Electronic Commerce. Involves presentations, requirements analysis, pre-sales consultations, and work process analysis.
  Responsible for development of marketing aids and design of standards for analysis and proposals.
  Responsible representing the Company at forums such as New Zealand Electronic Commerce and various conferences.
Production Liaison with vendors and service providers.
Development Lead a small, focused Project teams in the development Electronic Commerce messaging systems.
Build Identify, Design and lead the build of tools for Electronic Commerce transactions for customers.
Implementation Oversee testing, productionising and implementation of Electronic Commerce systems and tools. Tranz Rail now has a comprehensive and impressive Electronic Commerce capability:
  • EDI messaging for core functions (Consignment instructions and freight Invoices; Status Inquiries and responses; remittance advices; buyer-created invoices)

  • Windows-based PC applications for customers to use TRL’s EDI messaging capabilities (for consignment instructions, invoice reconciliation and status inquiries)

  • Internet applications (such as freight consignment tracking)

  • Customer-specific databases for them to be able to analyse their own distribution function

Developments in all of these areas are on-going.

My position has been and continues to be central to this process.


Training Consultant
  • Conducting Training Needs Analyses.

  • Design and organisation of Training courses in support of Systems Implementation as indicated by the Needs Analyses.

  • Development and production of courseware for Training courses.

  • Consulting with the rest of Tranz Rail on the delivery of ongoing training in support of IT systems.

Implementation Consultant
  • Consultation with users to establish their system implementation needs.

  • Identification of system modifications required to meet user requirements.

  • Customising applications during implementation to meet user requirements.

  • Development of implementation programme for major internal work application suite, including training development and delivery, system documentation and provision of post-implementation support desk facility.

Senior Business Analyst
  • Conducting analyses of the appropriateness of Business Procedures for Freight Forwarding Business Unit.

  • Assistance with implementation of second phase of major operational system for Tranz Rail, focusing on Training planning, preparation, organisation and delivery, appraisal and preparation of Business Procedures, and provision of post-implementation support.

  • Analysis of Business relationship and work processes of Tranz Rail customers as part of requirements definition and proposal preparation for Electronic Data Interchange relationships.

  • Project leader for the completion of testing of an Electronic Data Interchange system at Tranz Rail and its implementation as a production system.

  • Marketer of Tranz Rail's Electronic Commerce capabilities.

  • Initiator and designer of EC tools.

Other Major Project Involvement:

Amicus I - as Training Consultant

• Assumed responsibility for organisation and delivery of training for the major module of this Project. It has become the core tool by which revenue for Tranz Link is calculated and recorded. Lies at the heart of Tranz Rail’s operation.

Amicus II - as Senior Business Analyst

• This phase of the Amicus Project focused on Tranz Rail Operations, and was the delivery of a system by which Rail Operations were planned, reported, monitored and controlled. My role was relatively short-term, focusing on training planning, organisation and delivery, with a period of post-implementation support.

AIMS - as implementation Consultant

• This Project was for the delivery of a work scheduling and tracking tool to Railtechnology. It involved a small team working to meet very tight deadlines, which we achieved. My role was multi-faceted, but primarily as the interface with users as Analyst (of their requirements), Trainer, and post-implementation support. It also involved a design/build role in customising the application.

Other Employment Experience

Teaching Subjects/Levels:
  • History
  • Geography 4, 5, 6, 7th forms
  • Social Studies 3rd and 4th form
Curricula Responsibilities:
HoD Geography
  • Syllabus design; development of courseware & materials.

  • Development of new assessment techniques and procedures.

  • Supervision and professional development of staff.

  • Co-ordination between the Department and the School.

  • ‘Marketing' the Subject to students and parents.

Extra-Curricula Pastoral
  • 'Form Teacher' responsible for pastoral care of a class.

  • Dean of 6th Form, counselling individual students.

Basketball Coach
  • Coaching Basketball teams, especially at Senior level.

  • Organising the School's participation in local competitions.

  • Assisting with the organisation of local Basketball competitions.

  • Various positions within the Teacher's professional association.

  • Participation in regional curriculum organisations.

Other Activities

I am currently Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the Primary School which two of my children attend, and the Convenor of the Personnel Committee (responsible for personnel matters, including appointments, appraisals and reviews) and the Curriculum Committee (responsible for overseeing the development of teaching programmes, and the implementation of new curricula).

I am also on the Executive of New Zealand Electronic Commerce, a special-interest of TUANZ, who's mission is the promotion and development of Electronic Commerce in New Zealand.

I am also a keen but strictly amateur genealogical researcher, and am in the process of compiling not only a database of my families, but also documenting their ‘stories’. I have placed extracts from these stories on the Web.


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