Hip Dysplasia


There are products around that claim to cure or prevent Hip Dysplasia.  One of these products is called BIOGESAN and that is what I have used as an added protection against Hip Dysplasia.  Biogesan is a powder that comes in several 8 gram sachets.  Using Biogesan is easy just sprinkle about a quarter of a teaspoon over meals and that's it.  I can't guarantee that it works but looking at the X-Rays of dogs that have been on it it appears to.  Apart from Biogesan I have used none of the other products so sorry I can't comment on them.



In New Zealand we have two options for getting X-Rays read:

  1. We can get our X-Rays read in New Zealand which is the easiest but unfortunately the more expensive of the two options at the moment.

  2. The Other option is to get the X-Rays read by the German Shepherd Dog Council Of Australia Inc.



Arranging X-Rays To Be Read In New Zealand


  1. Get in touch with your vet and make arrangements for the X-Rays to be taken.

  2. DO NOT feed or water your GSD for 12 hours before appointment as an anesthetic has to be given to GSD.

  3. Turn up on time (most times GSD has to be left for the day)



Arranging X-Rays to Be Read In Australia


  1. Find out where to get the forms from at this time it is from a lady in the middle of the North Island.
  2. Send her a Cheque for about $53.00 NZDs, Dogs Tattoo Number, and Bloodlines
  3. Book in with your vet to get the X-Rays taken leaving about 6 days from when you ordered the forms.
  4. Turn up to vet on time with dog having not eaten or drunken for the past 12 Hours. Take with you the form that you have received as this is needed before X-Rays will be taken.
  5. Once again you will probably have to leave your GSD at the vet for a period of time for recovery.


In both cases you will have to pay the vet for the X-rays to be taken but if being read in New Zealand you will also pay the vet for the X-Rays to be read, whereas if the X-Rays are being read in Australia the fee for reading the X-rays is paid with the $53.00 for the form.


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