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Bomb Canada v1.1
Download (8k zip file)

Bomb Canada is a simple Palm game. The object is to bomb all the buildings to allow the plane to land before it crashes into them.

Bomb Canada is freeware.

In development

Wings is an action game somewhat based on a game called 'Wings of Fury'. You pilot a small plane that is armed with a machine gun and either bombs, rockets or a torpedo. Your aim is to fly over tropical islands destroying the enemy forces who are encamped there in bunkers and machine gun posts. You must do this without crashing, being shot out of the sky or running out of fuel.

Coming soon

Pileybot is a small, Palm controlled robot.

Dimensions: 170mm long by 110mm wide by 110mm high
Power: 4.8 volt battery consisting of four AA NiCad cells
Drive: Two tracks, each driven by a small DC motor
Motor control: One H-Bridge per motor driven by PWM signals
Controller: One PIC16F84 micro controlling H-bridges and serial comms
Comms: Serial 2400-Baud 8-Bit 0-Parity 1-Stop

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